Top Training Tips To Improve Squash Shots

For you to succeed in any given game you need to look for ways of improving your playing tactics for you to get to your games satisfaction or even being rated as the best player. Every game has its own ways of playing meaning you have to engage different playing tactics based on the play you are playing. In this article, I will highlight some of the top tips which you can use to improve your squash shots .

Male squash player training on indoor court

Listed below are some but a few of the tips

  • Be Accurate.

This is attained by doing a lot target practices. For you to be able to win the rallies then you must be in a position to control the ball’s direction. A player is required to make use of targets and place them in the area you want to hit in every shot. For those new in the game then their targets should be bigger where as for the experienced squash players their targets should be small that will actually help them in being accurate. As a player you are supposed to hit your target with a lot of different shots.

  • YOU Should Have Speed.

For a player to increase his speed in the squash game, then he should do sprints. You are required to do the sprint from one of the wall of the court to the other making sure you touch the flour of the court in every attempt.

You can also improve your speed by changing the way you hold your racquet. It is of advice you hold your racquet’s handle as if you are shaking hands with someone. Most of the experiences squash players hold their racquet very high on the handle and this makes them improve their speed of the shot.

  • Be Powerful.

It is very important for every squash player to ensure his stance stability before he does the shot attempting. Your feet should be stable on the ground to help you to be able to gain the force and the power to the shot. As a player you should lean your weight on the front foot. You are not required to take a forward step besides you can take a step aside before you bend the knee then you try to remove the shot.

A player is required to be timing his run going to the ball so that he can be able to hit the ball when it is coming towards him. By putting this into practice you will be able to get the force when you are swinging the racquet which will increase the strength of your shot.

By practicing the above named tips then rest assured that you will automatically improve your shots as a squash player. It will be your happiness when you learn all the tips because the game of squash to you will be just like a hobby for you have all the knowledge and the basics of how to plat it. You can actually attempt these and many other to become the best player in this game.

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