Tips to Improve Your Squash

Slowly becoming a very lovable sport, squash, is not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of practice and sweat to win over a skillful opponent in this game. Like any other sport, every player in squash may have their own styles and techniques.

But the basic framework and strategy for winning remains the same. Some basic tactics are required to improve the movements in court. Experts say that these fundamentals are the key of every successful champion in squash. Let us understand some of these basic techniques in brief.

squash player in action

Maximize your strength

Squash is a fast paced game in which a player needs to accelerate very powerfully within the court. For most of the strokes the player bends down in a lunge position and swifts its racket to hit the ball. Hence, for a game like this power training is very crucial for the player. The player needs to focus on lower back and lower body training more so that he can be as explosive as possible to smash the opponent. Not only this, the player also needs to do some fitness drills and footwork coordination sessions to enhance prompt movements while playing.

Strike the ball carefully

A basic principle which many notable players follow is to hit the ball just at the right movement which is when your opponent missed on one. But this simple technique is not as easy as it sounds to apply in real time. When the game is heated up, you need to be highly focused and constantly watching on your opponent’s current position as well as the next move.

For example, if your opponent in front then you should try to go short and if the opponent recoils your shot then try to smash him with a lengthy one. So, just by staying calm and centred the player can easily part the ball from his opponent.

Handle the ball well

We all know it is very important to warm yourself up before the game begins but it is equally important to warm up the ball. Just as your blood starts flowing through your veins when you warm up, similarly keep it in practice to bounce the ball once or twice before playing it back to your opponent. It psychologically ensures that you have a certain amount of control over the ball. Pace is important in this game but more important is the accuracy. More precisely you plan your strokes; more are the chances of winning.

Command over the T

It is said that the person in-charge of the T, usually is the in-charge of the game as well. Like if your opponent has made a stroke that you have to move off the T to play, then after striking back immediately rush to the T and again fix your eyes on the ball.

All said, the key to any sport is fitness and concentration. Both of these go hand in hand, as when you are fit you can concentrate more. Never get shattered by a bad shot, just stay focused and get the win.

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