Squash Rackets for 2017 : how to make the right choice?

Squash, as we all know, is a sport played in a pair, for instance with two or four players. It is played with a racket in a small four-walled court. The racket, as a basic element of this sport, has developed during the centuries. It is also the second most important element in playing squash, after court shoes. There are a lot of types and sub-types of rackets on the market.

squash rackets right choice

But the question is how to make the right choice? How to choose the best squash racket for your category, age, and style of playing. There are different patterns, different sizes, different colors, and different shapes of squash rackets, which in general make us even more confused when we are about to buy one squash racket. But while reading this article, you will be able to know what is the best for you, and what would suit you the most.

Firstly, I would like, to begin with, different types of brands that produce and sell squash rackets. Some of them are Dunlop, Head, Prince, Wilson, Harrow, Black Knight, Eye Rackets, Tecnifibre, Karakal, Manta, Salming, Unsqueshable, Gear for beginners. And here comes the main problem. What brand is the best brand, what would be the best choice?
Prince 150
Prince’s best racket, Pro Beast Powerbite 750 is very much expected to be the most sold product in 2017. One of the most positive features for this racket is its light weight of only 128g, then the head size of only 480 cm, and a great variety of different colors. It is an excellent and suitable solution for everyone who wants to be a successful squash player.
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Black Knight 150Then comes another solution for the players, Black Knight Quick Silver Max is really of the favorite ones, and has unusual features. Unlike the previous one, this product includes aerodynamic properties, also better swing, dense string pattern, and promotes excellent swinging power, ball contact, precision hitting with the extended sweet spot range. This type of racket is not only suitable for beginners, but also for advanced players of squash.
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Dunlop Force 150Dunlop Force Evolution 130, especially created for ones who love long and exhausting games. It is very visible from the design that this racket has balanced head and allows additional string movements. It suits very much those who want a nuanced racquet that can help you deliver precision hitting, control, and power skills.
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Wilson K FactorThen, we can talk about Wilson K Factor Tour Squash Racquet. The brand name says everything on its own. This product is highly rated and also a choice of many squash champions. In addition, this rocket is amazing for shots and also for balance.
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There are a lot of amazing rackets for squash on the market, but I picked out only four of them, which according to me would be the best choices for this year. So in 2017 squash players should focus on these five rackets and indeed nothing could go wrong. Believe me, try, and enjoy this game even more.

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