Prince Tour Team Squash 12 Pack Racquet Bag – Review

Prince Tour Team Squash 12 Pack Racquet Bag

Prince Tour Team Squash 12 Pack Racquet Bag is the superior squash bag because it has been carefully designed to cater to the needs of the squash player. The first feature is the Thermo Racquet Pocket, which can easily fit more than 5 squash racquets at once and it is designed to keep your frames in an environment with a regulated temperature.

It also offers several carrying straps like the Padded Shock Eraser Elastic Backpack Straps which can be convenient to use during long walks and it also has an added removable over-the-shoulder duffel strap. There is also a shoe compartment that is added to ensure that the squash shoes are kept away from the other items in your bag.

In addition to this, there is a Thermo Insulated Fluids pocket that is able to keep your drinks cold while on the court, and prevents condensation from entering the rest of your bag, which can also prevent the wetness of the drink from getting through to the rest of the bag.

There is a large main compartment which provides sufficient space for all the other items and a side accessory pocket for smaller items. It has a dimension that measures 29” x 14.5” x 10.5” and it weighs exactly 3 pounds.

  • Temperature regulated
  • Multiple straps for carrying
  • Prevents wetness from getting through to the rest of the bag
  • Holds 5 squash rackets at once
  • Value for money

  • Heavy, but compact


This is the best squash bag that you can get your hands on. It has features that are uncommon even in pricier bags. It is great for the OC in you and it is ideal for beginners and professionals alike. This product is worth every penny, since the user can maximize the usage efficiently.

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