Prince Pro Beast Powerbite 750 Squash Racquet – Review

Prince Pro Beast Powerbite 750 Squash Racquet

The list begins with a squash racket that delivers supreme performance in all types of court which is the Prince Pro Beast Powerbite 750.

It has an open string pattern which increases and strengthens the power of the squash racket, but the open string pattern also enables it to be more prone to damage. To add to the power provided by the open string pattern, the manufacturer also ensured that this model is lightweight as it has an unstrung item weight of 128 grams.

In addition to this, the head size of the Pro Beast Powerbite 750 is at 74.5 square inches with a head light balance of 35 centimeters. This means that this unit is easier to maneuver and it is more efficient to use when aiming for quick volley shots. The original string used in this unit is the Prince Lightning 16 Gold with a string pattern of 14 x 15. When it comes to the recommended string tension, they suggest that the tension of this model is at 25 +/- 5lbs or 11 +/- 2kg.

With its design, the PowerBite seems to be focused on improving its power, but it does not fall short when it comes to the ease of control on this squash racket. It is important to note that it becomes easier to control as the player gets used to using this racket for their plays. However, the structure of this model is also quite fragile, especially along the string section. This can be attributed to the string pattern and the material used in the string.

  • Open string pattern and the lightness of this model contributes to the increased power
  • Easy to maneuver and helps when aiming for quick volley shots and flick shots
  • Optimum performance in any type of court
  • It is easy to control as the user gets used to the PowerBite

  • Structural deficiency
  • Open string pattern makes it prone to damage


If you want to purchase a squash racket that provides a balance between the power and control of your games, the Prince Pro Beast Powerbite 750 might be perfect for you. It is also priced reasonably, lightweight, and easy to maneuver.

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