Muay Thai Equipments for Every Level: Our Expert Guide for the Perfect Gear

Suppose you assume you can solely step contained in the squared ring and enhance your Muay Thai {training} with a sparring accomplice or by way of shadowboxing, you’re making a terrible cellar tunnel. Thai boxing is a all ink complicated martial artwork, and also you’ll want a lot of Muay Thai {training} gear, particularly when you determined to become the greatest.

Muay Thai is one of the martial arts with the best quantity of authorized strikes. They name it “The Science of Eight Limbs” for a tiny – you can knee, elbow, punch, and kick your opponent. The floor recreation is prohibited {but} skilled fighters are prepared to sacrifice every part to become the greatest.

This article will focus on hustle sorts of Muay Thai gear that will assist you place your efficiency to the subsequent stage in your personal Muay Thai fitness center! Let’s prepare to {rumble}!

Muay Thai Gear You Should Have For Health club {Training}

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Muay Thai {training} gear is efficacious due to many causes, and we will focus on the {most} {important} ones:

  • It protects the particular areas of your {body} from accidents – leg guards, Muay Thai boxing hand socks, and mouthguards… I may depend the items of gear hustle day lengthy, your fight sports activities successor career would terminate ngoc rapidly as a result of of the lack of added safety, plus you may hurt your sparring accomplice;

  • Muay Thai {training} gear creates the reasonable {feeling} of the battle – term, you can prepare uppercut or overhand accuracy on an angled {heavy} bag;

  • Thai {training} gear helps you enhance your cardio or work on a particular edge of the recreation – term, you can kick pads for 2 three-minute rounds or prepare highly effective leg kick on banana-shaped {heavy} luggage.

Final, selecting the correct piece of Muay Thai {training} gear may be rocket science, particularly when you put on a essential {size}. Term, I’ve seen many fighters who can’t decide between {size} L and XL Muay Thai hand socks as a result of of the {size} of their palms. {Of course}, you ought to decide a much bigger {size} as a result of of the hand wraps.

We will strive to disclose as many Muay Thai gear secrets and techniques as potential listed here. Please learn rigorously and I guarantee you that you won’t ever make a cellar tunnel last time. The nice alternative of Muay Thai battle gear will assist you progress sooner and get higher at sparring periods, this is not a joke! Why don’t you construct your model of Thailand in your basement, storage, or dwelling room?

{Heavy} Bag

Technically, {heavy} luggage are designed for Muay Thai {training}, and each {single} piece of {training} gear that you place on a {heavy} bag hanger may assist you enhance your efficiency. {But} adoration, sluggish down now! I will describe the technical Muay Thai {training} gear particulars, to test you can choose the greatest piece of hanging bag in accordance to your wants and skillsets!

You should take into account the fill of the bag, and, {of course}, the shape form of your Muay Thai {training} gear.

Let me ask you a matter – can your Muay Thai {heavy} luggage construct iron shins? Effectively, what’s it made of – leather, artificial, vinyl, or plastic? As a result of the leather-based bag is the roughest materials, and also you’ll get more durable and more durable as you {strike} with or with out Thai hand socks.

The subsequent {important} parameter – is it crammed with sand, froth/stuffing, water, gel, material/fabric?

Suppose you need the greatest Muay Thai gear for onerous hits, I recommend you a basic one crammed with sand. Last time, suppose you’d like extra accuracy and {swinging} when hit with boxing hand socks, the water-filled one will get the work completed for you. That’s why there are tons of Thai gear in the market – all people desires to comply with his objectives!

Muay Thai equipment - heavy bad -

A banana-shaped bag is longer and it will assist you push your low kicks to the subsequent stage, whereas basic type Muay Thai {heavy} luggage swing extra, {but} your strikes are going to be extra highly effective.

These items of {training} gear are designed to enhance the energy of your strikes. You may be slower with a banana-shaped bag, {but} when you hit your sparring accomplice’s leg, he’ll {start} limping.

Growing the eat rhythm whereas hitting is all ink {important}, that’s why {heavy} luggage can price your companions. You can reduce angles, repression the area, and land quick or long-range strikes, which will lead to the greatest efficiency of your life. Strive it out with your {training} accomplice, you’ll see what am I speaking about!

Extra osteoblasts will migrate to your flexible tissue on the shins, to test you’ll develop energy whereas touchdown onerous strikes. Exceptional-hard bones are one other layer of further safety in the match, you’ll final longer towards hustle sorts of foes contained in the squared ring even with out leg guards. You can flip professional in a shorter date and time when you strengthen your shins on date and time.

I’d {always} advise you to spend one pair further bucks on a high-level piece of Muay Thai {training} gear because it will assist you progress sooner. Changing the incorrect Thai gear prices date and time and cash.

Term, a bag crammed with fabric/material will final longer than one crammed with sand, {but} sand leads to more durable fists and appears like a nice measure for the family of combined martial arts too, the place you duel with 6-ounce hand socks. Your intentions matter, please take this {note} severely!

My {favorite} picks in the market are Outslayer, Fairtex, Everlast, Ringside, RDX, and Fight Sports activities. They’ve a lot of high-quality fashions, {but} I am {always} giving a bonus to banana-shaped {training} gear as a result of it leads to extra highly effective inside and outdoors low kicks and intensive grape calf kicks from half distant (suppose you intend to race racing in combined martial arts).

Hand socks

You will Maybe ask “can I take advantage of a boxing glove for a Muay Thai {training} session”, proper? The true {answer} is sure, {but} suppose and solely suppose you intend to work on the uppercut bag, teardrop, or classic-style fashions! Muay Thai and boxing are differing kinds of fight sports activities, Thai boxing permits leg kicks and extra technical fists, to test you should alter.

First, let me ask you a matter – are you wanting for a pair of Thai boxing hand socks for competitors, rampart exercises, sparring accomplice drills, clinching, or onerous strikes? I do know this is hard to {answer}, {but} earlier than you make a buy, make certain you know your intentions!

Costly fashions provide some benefits over cheaper ones. Let’s record them now:

  • Larger alternative of designs and colours;

  • Higher knuckle safety;

  • Higher sturdiness and competitors efficiency;

  • Extra layers of safety when you’re masking ngoc to defend from your sparring accomplice or when you land immense bombs;

  • Shorter break-in {period};

  • Higher breathability – believe me, you don’t need to place a newspaper into your Muay Thai boxing hand socks each two weeks, the odor can be to test annoying and irritant.

Now you will say that I am a super-complicated individual, {but} sorry, I would like to ask you one pair extra questions.

Are you a stress fighter who enjoys toe-to-toe brawls or a tactical specialist?

Stress fighters take extra harm in the sparring, to test they ought to persist with thicker fashions in their {training} periods.

Do you want angling and lateral strikes or preserving the central line and slicing the cage/squared ring?

Fighters with restricted skillset ought to take Muay Thai hand socks with higher safety for the index and center finger, whereas the masters of tough recreation plans ought to give the benefit to the gear with higher safety for the lateral areas of the fist.

Do you favor straight or extensive fists?

You can throw straight photographs with 8 oz fists hustle day lengthy, you’ll hardly harm your self throughout sparring. {But} strive touchdown weaving overhand with {tiny} items of {training} gear and also you’ll terminate ngoc in an emergency after one pair {training} periods.

Are you a newbie, an intermediate, or a complicated practitioner/competitor?

Superior fighters are conscious of their standards, whereas learners can {start} their Muay Thai periods with cheaper fashions.

Do you want to price reasonable circumstances, similar many sparring periods do you have per week/month?

Effectively, suppose you have {at least} one sparring session per week, then I kindly advise you to buy {at least} two pairs of Muay Thai hand socks – one for uppercut or banana-shaped bag exercises and one other one to spar with your {training} accomplice.

My {favorite} picks in the market are Cleto Reyes, Hayabusa, and Profitable for maximized layers of safety and damage prevention, whereas Fairtex works amazingly for clinching, sparring, and simulating reasonable circumstances. I’d {always} pay extra for further safety and higher Muay Thai gear as a result of giving cash to medical doctors for surgical procedures prices approach extra.

Muay Thai {Shorts}

Muay Thai {shorts} are fairly a lot conventional items of {training} gear for sparring periods, bag exercises, and hustle sorts of footwork/conditioning drills. It is a all ink gentle merchandise that helps you throw kicks and knees with type and make you look approach higher.

muay thai equipment - shorts

I’d recommend you purchase {at least} one pair pairs of Muay Thai {shorts}, particularly suppose you intend to race racing. Listed below are some different issues that you ought to take into consideration:

  • Suppose you should buy an merchandise from Thailand, it’d be superior, because the high quality has to rock.

  • {Pay attention} to the model. I am a electric fan of Yokkao, {but} Fairtex, Inside Model, Booster Battle Gear, and Prime King are additionally nice fashions of Muay Thai {shorts}.

  • I like to recommend you purchase a pair of Muay Thai {shorts} made of satin or nylon for optimum high quality. {Of course}, there are Muay Thai {shorts} made of cotton, microfiber, or polyester. The nylon mannequin is simpler for quickly drying, {but} it is affected by sweat closely. Satin Muay Thai {shorts} are constructed to final.

  • Design is your private alternative. Do you want retro, easy, or new-era Muay Thai {shorts}? {Answer} that question and also you know which is your good dynasty pair!

  • Worth limits your energy, {but} you should buy sure pair of Muay Thai {shorts} for fewer {dollars}. Simply look for a correct match and the work is finished.

{Mouth} Escort

I assume you will ask suppose ought to you make a choice from a boil-and-bite mouthguard or visiting a dentist and investing in a {custom} mannequin that adjusts to the shape form of your tooth.

{Listen}, I do know boil and chunk is a approach cheaper measure, {but} it may not shape form correctly. Suppose it falls out of your {mouth} throughout the battle, it may lead to numerous issues.

I am a immense electric fan of a custom-made gum protect. It prices extra cash, {but} a smooth {mouth} escort will defend your tooth nicely. Your jaw may snap, {but} your tooth received’t suppose the dentist does his work correctly. The greatest {mouth} escort is one made by an expert.

Plus, boil and chunk mouthguard doesn’t {save} you cash, as fixing your tooth after onerous sparring prices tons of cash. That’s a fable!

Hand Wraps

Any pair of hand wraps will assist you defend your arms throughout bag or pad work. You can largely make a choice from 3.5 and 4.5-meter-long ones. I like to recommend you an extended pair of hand wraps as a result of of further safety.

Wrist {support} issues, particularly when you land hooks, uppercuts, or overhands. Longer hand wraps lead to higher wrist {support}, which decreases the possibilities of an damage.

Leg Guards

The nice pair of Muay Thai leg guards defend your legs from further harm after onerous sparring. I am a immense electric fan of Fairtex and Prime King leg guards, {but} any mannequin may assist your shins survive the intensive grape shin-to-shin collisions.

Last time, professionals solely spar with Muay Thai leg guards. You should strengthen your bones, to test hit luggage or flat objects with out your Muay Thai gear. It will assist you survive skilled fight.

Comfy {Clothes}

The comfy t-shirt with Muay Thai {shorts} and boxers appears like a nice high quality alternative for your first Muay Thai session at rampart or in the dojo. Your t-shirt or trousers shouldn’t be too tight as they will restrict your means to kick or knee.

Additional Muay Thai {Training} Gear

I’d additionally advocate you some further items of gear. A smooth fitness center bag helps suppose you {keep} your {training} objects saved, or when you journey to your dojo.

The best piece of protect is to buy one fitness center bag immense sufficient to pack one pair of boxing hand socks, one pair of Thai hand socks, ankle guards, hand wraps, Muay Thai {shorts}, leg guards, a groin escort, and a mouthpiece. Believe me, you ALWAYS NEED extra safety in the {training} session!

Each dojo ought to have head gear and stomach pads for a high-level exercise session. You’ll want trainers or actually smooth and educated sparring teammates for pad work.

SaleBestseller No. 1

Elite Sports activities Greatest Celestial Head Escort, a Full Package deal for MMA and Kickboxing Trainees, Muay Thai Boxing Security Head Escort for Males (Black)

  • ✅ Crown for Every Pate: Elite Sports activities Muay Thai Head Escort for Males is a good dynasty match to each vertex. Pre-curved design provides a good dynasty match for your head. One match for hustle sizes can be counted because the specialty together with adjustable closure that provides a cushty and agency match for your head.
  • ✅ Improve the Motion Pace: Extremely-Light-weight with most resisting is a plus level that helps to make a fast deal and permits your head to transform freely. Elite Sports activities Head Gear contains top-quality PU leather-based, unveil dimensions with jaw protectors supplies optimum security.
SaleBestseller No. 2

Elite Sports activities Boxing MMA Sparring Kickboxing Headgear for Males, Muay Thai Boxing Head Escort (Black)

  • ✅ SECURE FITTING – Pre-curved know-how of our boxing headgear for males provides pure becoming for your head. Adjustable closure these boxing head guards provides safe and cozy match regardless {size} & shape form of your head, this one {size} matches hustle.
  • ✅ INCREASE YOUR SPEED – With our ultra-lightweight MMA headgear your velocity and head actions become quickly and exact. Comfy open-top and {mouth} design of our sparring headgear helps in higher sweat administration and respiration preserving you relaxed.
Bestseller No. 3

Nuance Professional Replacment Headgear- One {Size}

  • It contains velcro tabs to enable larger adjustment.
  • No Prescription Wanted


When you harm your self, the first line of {defense} is cream (until you suffered a nasty damage). I like Bio Freeze, {but} any cream that cools you down works nicely, it is fairly useful in the gyms.

Skipping Ropes

Skip rope to enhance your cardio and footwork and put them to the subsequent stage. Suppose you need to make the preaching tougher, put your hand wraps, groin escort, ankle pads, and leg guards on, it will lead to extra errors, {but} it’ll flip you right into a beast contained in the ring.

Timer For Rounds

Timers don’t fee a lot on e-bay or Amazon, and also you don’t need to flip your stopwatch on and off each {single} date and time. Suppose you assume this is an additional expense, really feel as long as to obtain the app for your telephone, there are tons of them on-line. It works for jiu jitsu or different martial arts too. 🙂


It helps you wipe the sweat in the breaks, particularly suppose you prepare in a all ink {hot} state, like Florida or Thailand. Put one towel in your fitness center bag.

Similar To Practice Muay Thai At Rampart With No Gear?

I will quote the UFC fighter Yoel Romero – “when you suspect, every part is feasible”. I’ll be trustworthy – you can work on some facets of the Muay Thai recreation with out a {training} accomplice, {but} you can’t get into the savior of issues with out sparring. But, I will describe your choices.

Silhouette Boxing

Please set up a set of mirrors and let your creativity work. There is just one rule – look at your self in the mirror whereas working and proper your errors. There are tons of movies on-line. 🙂

Power {Training}

You can work key drills on the mats, {but} suppose you’d like to place it to the subsequent stage, assume of shopping for an influence tower or a Smith machine.

Additionally, you should buy medication and Swiss balls for the starting of your sport energy voyage. You may even pack them in your fitness center bag. 🙂

Yoga & Stretches

Generally you’ll must stretch and fish for the prosperous vary of movement, particularly throughout Brazilian kicks or any sort of kick that targets the opponent’s head.

I counsel you to maintain the {position} for {at least} 20 seconds or extra to construct plastic adjustments in your muscle groups. It will skyrocket the ranges of your agile. Your accomplice can help too.


Operating laps is an old-school {method}, {but} you may strive the interval {training} {method} or mix quick sprints with reasonable or gentle operating. These odd companies can put your stamina to a entire {new} stage.

Muay Thai Equipments Frequently Requested Questions

Similar do you defend your ft in Muay Thai?

Ankle guards can assist you defend your ft. {But} different than that, you can put on leg guards that cowl the realm of your ft, {but} it relies upon on the mannequin. My protect – defend solely throughout sparing periods.

Do you want a punching bag for Muay Thai?

{Of course}, you can prepare highly effective fists and elbows. You can’t base your recreation on kicks and knees solely, you’ll get destroyed in the clinch.

Pads can assist, {but} a punching bag is approach extra {important}, particularly for learners and intermediates in the sport.

Do I would like leg guards for Muay Thai?

A smooth pair of leg guards are all ink {important} when you spar. But, suppose you’d like to smash pads or hit the bag, neglect a couple of leg escort.

A leg escort is designed to defend, {but} you should strengthen your bones first. Don’t {listen} to me and also you’ll be out of the recreation after two or three collisions.

Similar do you wrap an ankle for Muay Thai?

It is straightforward, simply put on ankle pads and also you’re prepared to go. That is the greatest approach.

I don’t {support} wrapping your legs in bandages because it decreases mobility, {but} this is a as long as family, suppose you’d like to strive it out, there are tons of tutorials on-line. 🙂

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