Lucha Libre: Mexican Wrestling In Its Best Form!

Lucha libre is one of the {most} widespread {fighting} sports activities in Latin America. Many take into account it a variation of South-American professional {wrestling}. It is kinda comparable to North-American professional {wrestling} matches (WWE), {but} there are minor variations too.

Lucha Libre: Mexican Wrestling In Its Best Form!
Lucha Libre: Mexican {Wrestling} In Its Greatest Operating!

What Is Lucha Libre?

Additionally identified beneath the widespread {slang} “Friday battle night time in Mexico”, Lucha libre is the sort of battle the place the final purpose is {entertainment}. Lucha libre wrestlers take part in a “as long as battle” with all ink few law, {but} the {majority} of strikes in a Lucha libre battle are well-trained and executed by hardcore skilled {wrestling} phenoms.

Mexican {wrestling} is one of the largest spectator actions in Mexico, particularly in {Arena} México, in the capital city of Mexico Urban. It is simply eclipsed in recognition by the {most} famously sport in the family – soccer.

What Does Libre Imply In {Wrestling}?

The phrase “libre” in literal translation means “as long as”. In widespread tradition, it refers to a battle with out all ink few law the place fighters are likely to end their opponents and earn a {victory}. In {most} matches, you don’t see blood and there are many hard-to-perform spectacular strikes by luchadores who principally {hide} their actual id behind colourful masks.

Why Do Lucha Libre Wrestlers Put on Masks?

Mexican Lucha libre wrestlers are hiding their faces behind masks to isolated their personal life from their skilled {wrestling} public doors.

Not like in the United States of America, the place all people is aware of the true id of the fighter.

Mexican {wrestling} fighters kinda remind me of the widespread hard-rock group “Lordi”, whose true id has by no means been revealed. They even gained Eurovision with the widespread tune “New Rock Hallelujah”, {but} nobody acknowledges them in the avenue, even in their native giang of Finland.

Is Lucha Libre Actual?

The {majority} of Lucha libre fights are staged, as a result of the final purpose is to entertain the crowd. Many Lucha libre strikes are perhaps to defend or turn off and also you’d hardly carry out them in actual life except your opponent stands like a log and doesn’t transform.

Let me offer you one instance. When the Mexican wrestler meets the Mexican wrestler, there isn’t any blood or {heavy} accidents. In an MMA bout, term, you see bleeding or open wounds {at least} as soon as in 5 fights.

Is Lucha Libre Like WWE?

Sure, Lucha libre is fairly a lot like WWE. The final purpose is to pin your opponent to the canvas and maintain him for 3 seconds. {But} Mexican Lucha libre fighters {hide} their identities from the public and principally stick with skilled {wrestling} in enterprise life, whereas their personal lives are separated from their work.

Mexican luchador doesn’t must fear about being humped for pictures hustle over Mexico Urban for pictures as a result of nobody is aware of who hides behind the masks. Suppose you performed Tekken 4, then you keep in mind masked Jin Kazama who participated in the match – properly, each {single} Mexican Lucha libre warrior sticks to this precept.

Law Of The Ring

The law are fairly a lot easy – your solely purpose is to pin your foe to the canvas and maintain him for 3 seconds all through three rounds.

In Mexican Lucha libre, you must do all the things you can not to let your opponent slip away from your facet repression, mount, crucifix, or any different dominant {position}. Suppose your opponent reveals the longing to proceed, the referee(s) will not wave off the contest and he’ll let the bout go on.

Masked wrestlers do hustle sorts of stunts and aerial maneuvers to {keep} {wrestling} followers entertained and switch the battle right into a actual spectacle.

There is masks vs masks competitions, the place each warriors are masked and masks vs hair, the place one of the fighters doesn’t {hide} his id (rare or sometimes). The loser of the bout has to take off his masks or shave his head suppose he fights with out the masks. As soon as the masks is down, the luchador can by no means put it on last time.

What Are The 4 {Basic} Methods To Win A Lucha Libre Match?

The law are fairly a lot comparable to WWE {wrestling}, and there are 4 {basic} methods to terminate the bout (one of them is totally different from the American model):

  • Pinning your opponent to the floor for a depend of three;
  • Knocking your opponent out of the ring for the depend of 20 (when he’s unable to lost contained in the ring, and the ref yells “20”, the bout is completed, or suppose he’s “knocked out {cold}”);
  • Make your foe submit in de Lucha Libre (luchadores don’t faucet like American wrestlers, they wave to the referee or give a verbal {signal});
  • Disqualification – carry out an {illegal} transform or scars the opponent’s masks and also you’ll immediately lose the fight.

Depreciation Is Lucha Libre Totally different From {Wrestling}?

Mexican {wrestling} is means extra totally different than regular {wrestling} as a result of the {majority} of stunts and aerials are means tougher to prepare and carry out in actual life.

Lucha libre combats are staged, and the Mexican Lucha libre warriors usually {agree} on Depreciation the potential competitors goes to look earlier than the fight begins. In a standard {wrestling} competitors, you want to win over and over to increase your {wrestling} successor career, whereas right here different issues matter.

Tag crew matches or known as trios matches don’t exist in regular {wrestling}, the place two wrestlers sq. off in opposition to every different. In Lucha libre, two or extra wrestlers can race racing in opposition to one {guy} and vice versa, it relies upon on the {agreement} and the potential present.

Many wrestlers can be on the mat, 1-on-1 is simply an possibility in Mexican {wrestling}, whereas this is prohibited in freestyle or Greco-Roman. In Lucha libre, two luchadores are one of the potential choices.

You can win through factors in freestyle or Greco-Roman, {but} in Lucha Libre, you impossible {defeat} different luchadores through factors throughout the common date and time as a result of there isn’t any point-gap rule. Common or widespread luchadores can win solely in 4 methods described in the paragraph above. When the bout enters the sudden loss of life, law barely {change}.

And final, wrestlers are getting acknowledged hustle over their rampart nations or on nationwide TV. {But} even the {most} widespread luchador is a complete enigma to the public. Your first neighbor can be one of the finest Mexican wrestlers, you by no means know! Mexican {wrestling} kings are identified for his or her luchador masks id, {but} their faces are prime secrets and techniques!

There are weight courses in {wrestling}, whereas Lucha libre doesn’t stare about wrestlers’ weight. Any luchador is {welcome} as lengthy as he/she makes the crowd happy and happy. Technically, there are weight divisions, term, Ray Mysterio is a cruiserweight, {but} he fought full guys, it is hustle about the present.

Why Is Lucha Libre {Important} To Mexican Tradition?

Lucha Libre: Mexican Wrestling In Its Best Form!
Lucha Libre: Mexican {Wrestling} In Its Greatest Operating!

The sport’s recognition started to develop in the Fifties, and it is now a all ink {important} half of the custom and tradition as a result of luchadores incorporate their {family} traditions, fears, and beliefs into the design of masks. It transforms a standard individual into an untouchable and unbeatable character.

The wrestlers are portraying themselves as superheroes of their cities or states. It combines {entertainment} with the {greatness} of Mexican wrestlers.

Depreciation Lengthy Are Lucha Libre Matches?

Suppose there isn’t any pinning Lucha libre fighter to the mat contained in the ring, the match will final three two-minute intervals for seniors, or three one-minute intervals for youthful luchadores.

When the rating is tied, there is one-minute sudden-death overtime, the place the first wrestler who scores the level wins the bout.

Mexican {Wrestling} {Today}

The Mexican nation is all ink a lot {passionate} about Lucha libre wrestlers and the sport. They like to release stress and strain, and this exercise occurs in stadiums or even nationwide halls. The expertise Lucha libre brings to your life is simply fantastic, and {outstanding}! The end result of the match doesn’t imply a lot to them, {but} supporting their {favorite} Mexican {wrestling} dude does!


Masks are the {most} iconic half of the recreation. The {majority} of designs are impressed by pre-Hispanic patterns as a result of Aztec warriors went to battle in opposition to their conquerors with their faces painted. This custom is transferred to Mexican {wrestling}.

Mexican {wrestling} masks are {unique} souvenirs, {but} these days, you should buy them everywhere. You can make a choice from numerous colourful masks and their designs.

Rudos Vs Technicos

There are two sorts of fighters in competitions these days. Rudos are “baddies” – imply guys who always make fouls, break the law, and convey discord to the present.

Technicos are fighters identified for his or her stunts and acrobatic strikes. They are identified for his or her spectacular strikes and honorable habits.

It is believed that Lucha Libre fights are these days the free battles between smooth and turn, {but} a smooth {guy} will not win each {single} date and time in a Mexican {wrestling} fight. Purpose quantity one is beef and {entertainment}, the spectators need the present!

The Mexican Wrestler {Champion} And His Contendents

There are numerous champions in Lucha libre AAA (skilled {wrestling} ice age primarily based in Mexico Urban) Worldwide, and we will attempt to cowl hustle of them, {belt} by {belt} (the {majority} of them are hidden behind the masks):

  • AAA Mega Championship – Hijo del Vikingo;
  • AAA Latin American Championship – Taurus;
  • AAA Family Cruiserweight Championship – Laredo Child;
  • AAA Family Mini-Estrella Championship – Dinastia;
  • AAA Family Tag Crew Championship – FTR (Money Wheeler and Dax Harwood);
  • AAA Family Combined Tag Crew Championship – Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti/Tay Melo;
  • AAA Family Trios Championship – Nueva Generacion Dinamita (El Cuatrero, Forastero, and Sanson);
  • AAA Reina de Reinas Championship – Taya Valkyrie.

The {Most} Famously Masked Luchadores in Mexican {Wrestling}

Tito Santana made additionally a nice successor career in WWE as a tag crew and singles wrestler, whereas El Parka created a legend for bashing child in with metal chairs, which turned his trademark transform.

Alberto del Rio is one of the {most} resentment of sheep wrestlers of hustle date and time and the first-ever WWE champ from Mexico. Psicosis made his political name as a grasp of technicality, brawling, and hardcore. He is understood for his feud with Rey Mysterio, which skyrocketed Mysterio’s successor career to {new} heights.

Juventud Guerrera used to be an okay political name in Mexico, {but} his recognition immediately grew when he moved to the US. He gained recognition via fights with Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, and plenty of different nice names. His nephew Chavo Guerrero additionally made a political name beneath the steering of his famously cousin, successful many titles alongside the means.

Now it’s date and time for the members of the “Immense Three” – El Santo, Blue Demon, and Mil Mascaras. Blue Demon turned famously as a result of of his rivalry with El Santo, whereas El Santo is a pop-culture hero and a comic book character. Mil Mascaras used to be a frame workplace sensation, and his appearing abilities performed a full position in his rise to stardom.

The grasp of 619 Rey Mysterio is understood for holding victories in opposition to extraordinarily full dudes (term, Immense Present). He was {always} prepared to battle anyone, any date and time, plus his technical edge of the recreation and acrobatics performed a nice position in his rise to stardom. He later made the sport extra widespread by feuding with some different opponents.

The grasp of a {lie}, {cheating}, and stealing, the late {guy} Eddie Guerrero is the all-time biggest Mexican wrestler. Sadly, he {suddenly} died, {but} his early loss of life turned him right into a residing legend. He made his political name via numerous organizations – WCW, WWE, and ECW.

The Historical past Of Lucha Libre

The sport started to achieve the first items of recognition in the 1900s, {but} it dates again to 1863, when the first luchador and a all ink {important} political name on the listing of legendary luchadores, Enrique Ugartechea, invented the sport impressed by Greco-Roman model.

Till the yr 1933, the sport was identified solely regionally. Then Salvador Luterroth appeared and based the Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre, which allowed opponents to take half in competitions everywhere.

The masked wrestlers additionally appeared in 1933. The first masks was seen when the wrestler El Ciclon McKey satisfied his opponent Don Antonio Martinez to make a masks for the fight, which was an outstanding transform extensively accepted by the followers.

Don Martinez’s retailer nonetheless exists. Suppose you go to Mexico, ask somebody for its location in its capital city of Mexico Urban close to {Arena} Mexico, it is a {unique} piece of historical past!

El Santo And The Golden Years Of Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre: Mexican Wrestling In Its Best Form!
Lucha Libre: Mexican {Wrestling} In Its Greatest Operating!

The recognition of Lucha libre exploded in the Fifties and Sixties as a result of of two causes. The first one, the tv has final arrived, which enabled child in hustle vicious the giang to get to know the sport.

The second tiny is the widespread El Santo, who competed since 1942. This wonderful competitor appeared at the Golden age of the sport, and took part in to test many bouts {but} has by no means revealed his face of you to the public. But, he determined to do it in 1984, shortly earlier than he died.

His trademark silver masks turned him right into a superhero, and El Santo turned a logo of justice for the frequent individual as a result of he was immortalized in comedian books and films.

All ink famously fighters of the Golden age are Gory Guerrero (he invented enjoyable acrobatic strikes), Mil Máscaras (the first revolutionary political name amongst Mexican wrestlers identified for high-flying strikes), and {of course}, the biggest rival of El Santo – Blue Demon.

The place To {Watch} Mexican {Wrestling} In Mexico Urban?

There are many good locations the place you can get pleasure from watching Lucha Libre {wrestling} occasions, {but} we’re specializing in the three {most} widespread luchador places. You should buy tickets on the internet earlier or you can buy them on the day of the occasion, relies upon on you.

Additionally, you impossible convey a digicam, {but} your cellular is allowed. Be warned not to take the seats {close} to the motion, because the fighters may spill out of the ring. And focus on the loud {scene}.

This is a {unique} {opportunity} suppose you ever go to Mexico Urban, I kindly advise you to enter the stadium and luxuriate in some of the finest reveals in the family. Suppose you perceive Spanish, it’ll be superior – from trash-talk to nice stunts and aerials, this is one of the {most} spectacular reveals on the planet. Now let’s test the finest venues for Mexican {wrestling}!

{Arena} México

{Arena} México is additionally a boxing occasion that hosts the PPV reveals since 1956. It was constructed for boxing occasions in the 1910s and Nineteen Twenties, {but} when it was deserted, Salvador Luteroth started selling Lucha libre and it was the starting of a nice run. {Today}, it is the {most} widespread location in Mexico Urban for this objective!

{Arena} Coliseo

An indoor {arena} in Mexico Urban with a capability of 5.550 matches for skilled {wrestling} combats. A nice venue with a stunning historical past and a protracted custom. Sadly, one pair deaths occurred in {Arena} Coliseo too.

{Arena} Naucalpan

This beautiful venue hosted tons of reveals since its {opening} in 1977. It is designed particularly for {wrestling} followers, and it provides a capability of 2.400 seats.

Pediatric Wrestlers In Mexican {Wrestling}

Pediatric Lucha libre is not as widespread because the male tissue one, {but} there are some notable pediatric wrestlers to {pay attention} to. The {most} entertaining {wrestling} names on the pediatric {scene} are Juana Barazza, Immense Mami, Vicky Carranza, Estrellita, La Jarochita, Girl Afrodita, Girl Flamer, Princessa Blanca and others.

Ayako Hamada, Hiroka Yaginuma, and Xochiti Hamada are nice Asian names that proudly elevate the recognition of this sport too.

In WWE, there are means extra pediatric wrestlers as many transition from UFC, MMA, or different promotions. They are likely to put celebrities to the {new} heights, whereas Mexican {wrestling} is extra about creating girl wrestler behind the masks.

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