Health Benefits of Playing Squash

Squash the game which is gradually gaining popularity amongst young athletes, is an indoor racquet sport played in all side walled court. This beautiful game has kept itself away from any age barriers, whether you are a sport enthusiast or an energetic elder being, you can enjoy this sport without any hesitation. Not only this, it is a great leisure time utilization for office going people to stay fit and active.

Like any other sport, squash can help in keeping up your fitness. Majorly, it affects the cardiovascular system and increases speed, focus and body stamina. In case you have a sitting job where you easily store a nice amount of fat over your muscles, squash will help you to shred that fat and get you in shape.

health benefits playing squash

It’s a play of speed, the more cardiovascular levels your body pertains; the more you tend to enjoy this game. Squash doesn’t take much time to exhaust an enthusiastic player as it keeps you running in every direction on the court and chasing the ball like the superman. Staying fit is one thing which consists of getting all the body muscle in appropriate sync. While playing squash you’ll get to know that all the sprinting in the court and multiple movements are directly linked with body conditioning.

You need to keep your focus on the ball every time, so somewhere it improves hand-eye coordination. Additionally, your concentration power will increase in very less time period. You must have seen that squash players stays little bent while playing just to get ready for any reaction, which is the reason that they have better back and spine strength. Also, they are flexible as to get the strength they have to do many types of stretching. Squash will definitely decrease the reflex action time of any person.

Now, as we know squash is not a sport for single player. So, it will give you the opportunity to make new friends time to time which is a nice way of being socially active. This all facts will be resulting in improvement of self confidence of an individual. Squash boosts the mental health of a player as it playing sport releases stress.  Moreover, it is a game which might have some intense sessions in terms of exchange of words between opponents so the experience will teach you the control over your mind.

But with so many health benefits, squash can give you some injuries which can be avoided easily. The first and foremost safety tip that is advised is warm up. Make sure you are properly mobilized and warmed up before entering the court by doing some stretching and rotating muscles. Another recommended thing is to stay hydrated always. It will protect you from muscle strain. While playing any sport we should ensure that we don’t get hurt in a way that we regret the mistaken moment for life. According to the current Australian Standard, it is a rule now to wear eye
protection while playing squash.

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