Everlast New Omniflex Freestanding Heavy Bag Review [2022]

{Today}, we’ll be taking a glance at Everlast’s {new} Omniflex freestanding {Heavy} Bag!

Suppose you’re {training} at rampart, and also you don’t have the room for each a velocity bag and a {heavy} bag, then Everlast’s Omniflex freestanding {Heavy} Bag might simply be the factor for you. As a fighter, it’s essential to develop each velocity and energy, {but} suppose you’re {training} at rampart – the area for this will be restricted.

Even suppose it isn’t restricted, you would possibly be working on a finances and may’t afford greater than a {single} piece of gear. Throughout these attempting instances of the coronavirus, {most} child in are working from rampart and {most} gyms are closed, that means that it’s extremely unlikely any of us will be hitting the bag except we do it at rampart. That’s why this bag would possibly be a nice selection.

Listed here, we will be taking a better look at this bag, what are the benefits and downsides of shopping for it, and deciding whether or not it’s the proper selection for you. Let’s start!

Omniflex {Heavy} Bag Overview


Everlast {New} Omniflex Freestanding {Heavy} Bag, Black Pink, 67″

  • Nevatear outer shell gives sturdiness and performance
  • Omniflex neck permits for max interaction absorption and diminished base motion
  • Low sketchy base design for fists and kicks
  • Roughly 130lbs when full of water
  • Excessive grade, shock absorbing froth building


This explicit bag was made utilizing sturdy and long-lasting {materials}, guaranteeing that it can take a beating for a {long time}. The final factor you need taking place is buying a bag and then having it rip open simply as a result of the producer wished to {save} cash on the {materials}. That isn’t the case with this bag, because it’s positive to {keep} taking the treat you give it for a {long time}.

When designing the outer lining of the bag, the producers used the Nevertear materials. This is fairly a lot self-explanatory, {but} because the political name suggests, the materials by no means tears. The bag is truly inside shock-absorbing froth. This froth is wrapped vicious the bag, and it helps to cushion the interaction of your blows. Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply that the bag itself isn’t new, therefore you ought to nonetheless be sporting hand socks when utilizing it.

The base is an instrumental function of any freestanding {heavy} bag, because the bag goes to transform in allness instructions and also you don’t need it to tip over. This base can be full of both sand or water, guaranteeing that the bag doesn’t transform.

The neck is truly the first half of any freestanding {heavy} bag to go, because it’s going to be flexing a lot of the date and time. That’s why many homeowners of these luggage choose to {change} the neck after one pair years of use. Nevertheless, this freestanding {heavy} bag makes use of a versatile neck joint to guarantee that it can stand up to the fists for a {long time}.

When you punch the bag, it will swing go to. What this does is permit you to observe your head motion by ducking and weaving from aspect to aspect of the bag because it swings in the direction of you. This additionally permits Muay Thai and MMA fighters to observe throwing fists and strikes from a clinch. You can seize the bag and observe throwing your knees and elbows.

The draw back to the versatile neck makes it barely weak to explosive kicks, because it can generally tip over regardless of Depreciation {heavy} the base is.


Having the ability to alter the peak of your bag is a nice asset for any fighter, as generally the bag can be too excessive ngoc or too low, relying on your peak. This permits you to observe throwing strikes at completely different peak ranges. You can observe at your personal peak, or you can observe taller or shorter strikes suppose you’re going to battle an opponent that’s noticeably taller or shorter than you.

The bag will measure roughly 67 inches at most peak.

The Setup

Being a freestanding {heavy} bag, the Omniflex is all ink perhaps to set ngoc. In contrast to a dangling bag – you don’t must drill any holes or do any work that’s going to have an effect on your housing vastly. Instead, allness you must do is assemble it wherever you need to place it and that’s it.

One other nice function of this is that you can transform your {heavy} bag freely wherever you’d like. This means, you have the freedom to {keep} your {training} floor wherever you’d like it to be. This portability is a nice asset.


This setup is all ink compact, because it doesn’t weigh a ton like some different rampart setups, and also you can transform it vicious simply. When you fill the base with water, it weighs vicious 130 kilos, and to transform it vicious, allness you must do is empty it and refill it when you’ve moved it.

Nevertheless, this is the tiny why Omniflex can’t stand up to explosive kicks – the base is simply too mild and it’s tipped over simply.

Professionals and Cons

the Omniflex is all ink transportable and all ink perhaps to set ngocthe bag is perhaps to tip over as a result of of the mild base, and it can’t stand sturdy strikes
it’s perfect for rampart gyms and enclosed areasthe bag isn’t smooth for low strikes, because it doesn’t cowl the entire territory
the peak is adjustableit’s not recommended to be used in the outdoor
the bag is made utilizing high-quality {materials} and it can stand up to a lot of treat
it’s cheap

Our Verdict

The Omniflex is a nice bag suppose you’re trying for one thing for the indoors, and one thing that isn’t going to be taking hits that are too sturdy. Nevertheless, suppose you’re retraining on utilizing it exterior and to beat it closely, we wouldn’t suggest this bag.

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