Dunlop Force Evolution 130 Squash Racquet – Review

Dunlop Force Evolution 130 Squash Racquet

Another racket that squash fanatic can look at is the Dunlop Force Evolution 130. The main material used during the construction which is the Premium Graphite and the grip is made of Hydra Max Pro. This model has an average weight of 130 grams and it allows for a stronger force, but with a slower swing. However, this squash racket is not recommended for left-handed players, but it is recommended for long hours of play.

Moreover, it has a head size of 75.9 square inch it is an evenly balanced head which ensures a decent amount of power as you play and it produces great volley and flick shots. The factory strings used on the Force Evolution 130 is the Great White 17G String and it has a 14 x 18 string pattern. The open string pattern makes the string more prone to breakage. With a length of 686 mm, the frame of this racket is stiffened by the Tapered Shaft.

In addition to this, this racket utilizes the AeroSkin Cx technology which is able to reduce drag through the air by a remarkable 35%, which enables to produce a better maneuver and quicker swing speed as you play so the player can hit more powerful shots. Moreover, the Hybrid Cross Section is able to solidify the shaft of the racket which ensures increase in control and shot placement.

  • AeroSkin Cx technology is able to reduce drag through the air by 35% for a better maneuver
  • Hybrid Cross Section stiffens the shaft to improve control and shot placement
  • Even balance ensures decent power and produces volley and flick shots
  • Tapered shaft stiffens the frame

  • Not recommended for left-handed players
  • Open string pattern makes it prone to breakage


The Dunlop Force Evolution 130 is not infallible, but it is a great squash racket for beginners and the experienced players. It produces rather powerful shots, but it also ensures better shop placements and provides greater control.

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