Most Common Injuries In Squash

In every game there are a number of injuries which might occur in the process of playing. You can try to avoid injuries but accidentally they do happen like for instance the following are the common injuries associated with squash game;

Most Common Injuries In Squash

Impact injuries

These injuries are very common and can be caused by the following;

The player can be hit by the ball – To know the impact of this you can talk to any squash player and for sure you will get to know this really hurts. A ball to hit you when it is on its full pace is very hurting and sometimes you can be left with a mark which will last for sometimes. Be extra careful to avoid being hit on the face or the eyes.

You can also be hit by the wall – this can be a minor injury but a lot of care should be taken to avoid it. It usually happens when you stretch too much to have a shot or even when you are not in balance causing you
to slide and in the process you get injured by the side walls.

Getting by your opponents shot – you can actually be injured when your opponent when he is playing his shot. You are advised to be careful on where to stand with the fact the space in the court is tight. The key point here is your position to avoid these unforeseen injuries. Being hit with a racquet is very painful and mostly when it is on its full swing and mostly when you are hit on the face. You get to know where to actually stand in the process
of gaining experience.

Muscle Injuries

Playing squash game makes you to have constant stops, you turn a lot, you also twist and do a lot of turning and these leaves you with muscle injuries. Muscle at times do tear or have strains it depends with the depth of the injury.

Muscle injuries are associated with their force and the body part because there are some injuries that will require you to have a rest for a couple of days where as some will require you go for like a month taking care of the muscle and do a lot of rehab.

You can also get thigh muscle injuries mostly when you constantly start and stop. Also during the acceleration at a fast speed depending on how you are playing the game.

Joint Injuries

Repeating your shots in several times will get you in straining your arm joints that actually leads to injuries.

Tennis elbow – this is one of the squash injuries which are caused by too much force you apply to the elbow muscle tissues. It leaves you with lots of pain mostly when folding and extending your fingers.

Knee arthritis – this occurs when the knee cartilage is hit. It gives you a lot of discomfort and can sometime cause swelling of the knee. It occurs mostly to the old players because their cartilage heals slowly.

You can actually do nothing to control injuries but you can be careful to reduce the risks of getting into injuries.

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