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Asics Gel Rocket 8

Asics Gel Rocket 8 Review

Sport is a phenomenon of its own. It’s arguably the only thing that bring people of different race, personality and nationality, together. It’s a form of entertainment that none can resist. The thrilling experience one …
Harrow 6 Racquet Bag

Harrow 6 Racquet Bag – Review

The latest model in Harrow Racquet Bag line is the Harrow 6 Racquet bag which is a combination of a racquet bag and a backpack for supreme convenience. It is spacious and easy to tote …
SAXON C4 Squash Racquet

SAXON C4 Squash Racquet – Review

Introduction: Saxon is a popular brand of squash equipment in Western Europe, and Squash Experts is proud to be the first to offer their fine products in the USA. The Saxon C-4 is the most …