Black Knight Quick Silver Max – Review

Black Knight Quick Silver Max

A new and improved version of the Black Knight Quick Silver NXS is the teardrop shaped Black Knight Quick Silver MAX which is 5 grams heavier, but it has a similar head size. This racket is on the heavier side with a total of 135 grams, which provides a greater force, but with a slower swing.

However, this makes it difficult for the user to control and maneuver the racket. The Quick Silver Max is composed of several different materials such as the nano-CarbonXS, Quartz Carbon and XMG, with Thermal Core. Moreover, the Full Power Channel groove capacity of this racket boosts performance by 4.5%.

This model has a racket head size of 487 cm² and it is evenly balanced which allows for greater flexibility as it provides a balance between the best features of the head light and head heavy squash rackets. The factory string that comes with this model is either the PowerNick 19 or the Ashaway Supernick Micro XL Black while the recommended string tension of this unit is at 26 pounds.

  • Full Power Channel groove boosts performance by 4.5%
  • Produces hits with greater force and power
  • Comes with a supreme structural integrity
  • Evenly balanced head size enables a great volley and a decent amount of power

  • Difficult to control
  • Hard to maneuver the racket


Since the Quick Silver Max is an improved model of a previously made unit, it has eliminated any deficiency that is found on the Quick Silver NXS. It is the perfect squash racket for those who are looking for a flexible unit that can be used in any kind of court.

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