Most squash players overlook the importance of squash strings. They focus on picking the best squash racket, not taking into consideration that it is actually the squash string that does all the work. That’s because the strings are the ones that have direct contact with the ball.

best squash strings

Essentially, the string type and tension will influence the performance and style of a racket.

That being said, we’d like to talk about the things you should consider when getting the best squash strings. Afterward, we’ll move on to presenting our top product recommendations.

Squash Strings Rating

ImageModel NamePriceOur RatingAvailability
Ashaway POWERNICK 18Ashaway POWERNICK 18$$5 Star
Head Evolution ProHead Evolution Pro$5 Star
Tecnifibre 305 1.10Tecnifibre 305 1.10$$4.5 Star
Ashaway Supernick ZXAshaway Supernick ZX$$4.5 Star
Tecnifibre X-One BiphaseTecnifibre X-One Biphase$$4 Star

How to Choose the Best Squash Strings – Important Considerations


As a rule of thumb, the tighter your strings are, the easier it will be for you to control your racket. On the other hand, if the strings are looser, it will be easier to get power. A string under lower tension will bend easier; thus, the ball will be easily launched off the strings.

Why is that? The explanation is fairly simple. Let’s think of a trampoline – the easier it bends, the higher it will launch you. Nevertheless, this also means that the bounce will be a bit more challenging to control.

On the other hand, the bounce on a trampoline that is stiff will be quite low. The good thing, however, is that you’ll have more control of the bounces.

In general, each racket has specific recommendations when it comes to squash racket strings. This is usually listed on the racket throat.

squash strings


The thickness is another factor of equal importance. Thinner strings are likely to bend easier. And this will grant you more control. Concurrently, thinner strings mean that you get more spin on your shots.

That being said, thinner strings can allow you to obtain better spin control and more power. Considering all these benefits, how come some people hesitate to choose thin strings? That is because they are prone to break. That is to say, you might need to replace the strings on a regular basis, which can be quite inconvenient and expensive.

Typically, when it comes to the squash string thickness, 1.1 mm is thin – resulting in more bite and reduced durability. Meanwhile, 1.2 mm is medium thickness, whereas 1.3 mm is seen as thick.


Obviously, strings feature different constructions. One of the most commonly met is natural gut, which facilitates excellent resilience. At the same time, natural gut provides optimal control and touch. Nevertheless, the thing with natural gut is that it tends to be on the expensive side.

In the meantime, there are squash rackets that are pre-strung with synthetic springs by the manufacturers. There is a range of synthetic strings including monofilament, multifilament, and nylon.

Our Recommendations for the Best Squash Strings in 2018

Ashaway POWERNICK 18

Best Power

Numerous squash players choose this string – primarily because it facilitates excellent power. This is a priority for many players. At the same time, it is fairly durable, meaning that it can be seen as a long-term investment.

It features a monofilament core, which is formulated specifically for optimal performance. Zyex Limited developed this unique construction especially for Ashaway. This construction also prevents tension loss.

We believe that this type of string is perfectly suitable for both amateur and professional players.

Another noteworthy advantage is that it provides optimal response and resilience. That is to say, it will maximize your ability to slice, cut, grip, and work the ball like a pro.

Furthermore, it has a braided surface that contributes to an unmatched control and spin. It goes without saying that every squash player appreciates these characteristics in a racket.

Moving on, since this is an 18 gauge (1.15mm) string, this also means that it bites into the ball as expected. What does this mean? You get the control and spin you need in order to up your game and become better with every move you make.

At the same time, both the durability and the string life are decent considering the performance you get with these strings.

Overall, the Ashaway POWERNICK 18 Squash String Set is a fantastic choice if you want to invest in a premium quality string that will preserve its tension in time.

  • Unmatched control and power
  • Durability
  • It preserves its tension in time
  • If you have a large racket, a package might not suffice for stringing
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Head Evolution Pro

Best Budget

If you’ve just started playing squash, you might hesitate to invest a considerable sum of money to buy the best squash string. Rest assured, though, there are plenty of budget options out there, as well.

And one of the best ones is definitely the Head Evolution Pro 16 Gauge Squash String. We’re talking about a high-quality multifilament squash string. In contrast with similar products on the market, these strings are much stiffer.

You know what this means: better control over the ball.

Moving on, thanks to the anti-abrasion coating, you also enjoy unparalleled durability. That is to say, you’ll get plenty of use out of these strings.

Since the gauge is of 16 – 1.30mm, this would mean that we’re dealing with thick strings. Hence, the bite might be diminished. Irrespective of that, durability remains one of the main benefits of this product.

  • Excellent price quality ratio
  • You get optimal control over the ball
  • The strings offer the perfect blend of touch, control, and power.
  • If you use the strings on non-Head rackets, you should tension a bit more than you normally would.
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Tecnifibre 305 1.10 (18 Gauge)

Without fear of contradiction, these strings are among the most popular ones when we’re talking about squash equipment. As a matter of fact, many pros choose these strings.
The 18 gauge is the thinnest string manufactured by Tecnifibre. So, if you prefer a comfortable feel, we believe that these strings will definitely be down your alley.

Moving on, the anti-abrasion coating is one of our much preferred characteristics. That is because it ensures the durability of the strings.

Thanks to the thin gauge, you benefit from high ball speed and optimal shock absorption. The content of polyurethane is of 45 percent, which offers the perfect balance of characteristics, yet, the most important of all is speed.

Moving on, due to the micro-composite fibers, you’ll get high resiliency for optimal power.

  • Optimal power and speed
  • High resiliency for increased power
  • Due to the use of technology, the elongation is diminished by 40 percent
  • The length of the strings might be too short for some rackets
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Ashaway Supernick ZX

Best Durability

Ashaway squash strings have released a new brand – namely the Supernick ZX. The manufacturer used their popular SuperNick string design; however, they innovated it and introduced a couple of characteristics to enhance its performance.

That is to say, in comparison to the original SuperNick strings, these are much more durable.

At the same time, they hold tension infinitely better, which is also an important characteristic for most players. Most significantly, though, these strings preserve their playability.

Due to the 17 gauge, we could argue that these strings are on the thicker side. Still, the tension maintenance and power make up for that.

Moving on, the strings feature a noticeable, orange color, which will make your racket visible on the court.

On a final note, if durability is an important consideration for you, then our advice would be to invest in these strings – you won’t regret it.

  • You benefit from superior durability
  • Unmatched tension maintenance
  • You get optimal control over the ball
  • They might be too thick for some players
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Tecnifibre X-One Biphase

Best Control

This product is seen as a premium string, due to numerous reasons. For one thing, is designed with one goal in mind: that is to provide playability and durability.

That is not all! While testing these strings, we also noticed that they offer optimal power and control. Thanks to these features, you will be able to guide the ball.

Thanks to the construction of the strings, the durability is enhanced by 20 percent. What is more, this ensures you get increased spin, which is just as fundamental if you ask us.

On the whole, if you’re on the lookout for squash strings that hold well to tension, produce excellent control and offer a lively, firm feel, you’ve found your pick. The Tecnifibre X-One Biphase Squash Spring Set will address your needs, just as expected.

  • Increased spin and control
  • Lively, firm feel
  • They are powerful
  • It might not be suitable for beginners
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To conclude, these are some of the best squash strings on the market at the time being. Depending on your priority, you can pick the product that addresses your needs. That being said, what matters most to you? Power, durability, control or price? Let us know!