Best Squash ShoesAnyone who plays a physical sport would know that the shoes you play with are a vital part of how well a player will be able to perform. The same is true for squash since it is physically tedious and it would require a lot of footwork. Using the right kind of shoes will also be able to prevent certain injuries as it provides ankle support and proper heel cushioning.

So, which squash shoes are the best for the year 2018?

Squash Shoes Rating

ImageModel NamePriceOur RatingAvailability

Best Squash Shoes for Men

ASICS Gel-Rocket 8ASICS Gel-Rocket 8$$5 Star
Salming KobraSalming Kobra$$$5 Star
HEAD Grid 2.0HEAD Grid 2.0$$4.5 Star
Wilson KaosWilson Kaos$$4.5 Star
Yonex power cushion 65Yonex PC65$$$4.5 Star
Adidas Court StabilAdidas Court Stabil$$4 Star

Best Squash Shoes for Women

Salming Womens Viper 4Salming Viper 4$$$5 Star
ASICS Gel UpcourtASICS Gel Upcourt$$5 Star
Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 2Yonex PC Aerus 2$$$5 Star
Head Women's Sprint Pro CourtHead Sprint Pro Court$$4.5 Star

Squash Shoes: Buyer’s Guide

There are a variety of considerations that a Squash player must keep in mind when purchasing a shoe. Here are some of the factors that a user should take into account:


When it comes to playing Squash, it is vital to look for non-marking gum rubber soles with round edges. They could be called squash shoes or indoor court shoes. It is essential to choose a non-marking kind of shoes because Squash courts have unfinished floors and it is important to maintain the color of the floor.

Moreover, it is also important to only wear your Squash shoe on the court so that you can maximize the efficiency of the grip of your shoes on the floor. It is vital to never wear your shoes to and from the court as it is necessary to keep the soles clean and helps in maintaining the grip on the floor.

Shoes with a sharper edge, as is in the case of running shoes, can easily get caught up on the floor as the player changes their position and this can cause an injury to your ankle. The player should also avoid using thicker soles as it can cause the player to be unstable and decreases your capacity to feel the floor as you move across the floor.


The shoe size of a user might be standard and it might be easy to find a shoe based on that parameter. However, it is important to account the shape of the individual’s foot and how it will be able to comfortably fit the user. It is important to remember that your shoes should be comfortable as you play, since Squash games can last for long periods of time.

An individual should be able to consider the shape of their feet when it comes to choosing their shoes and be certain that it would not be too tight. This means that the individual must have some allowance along their toes and that their ankles would not be too constrained. It is important to have shoes that fit perfectly so that an individual can be able to optimize their capacity as they play.


The cushioning in your Squash shoes is very important as your sole needs adequate support you play. However, it is important that the cushioning is not too thick as the player still needs to retain their feel of the court. Wearing socks or just an added insole can provide added cushioning on the user’s feet.

Cushioning is very important as it allows the player to last longer during games and it can also reduce the tiredness as they play. Moreover, when a player is on the heavier side, they might need more cushioning on their feet in order to protect the knees and hips of the person after the repetitive impacts that occur as they play.

10 Best Squash Shoes for Men: Product Review

Best Volleyball/Squash Shoes

Asics GEL-Rocket 8

If you play volleyball on a regular basis, it’s important to wear a pair of good, lightweight shoes. Moreover, they need to increase traction, so you don’t skid on the floor (if you play on a volleyball court, of course).

The Asics Men’s GEL-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe is definitely worth your attention. Even though it’s specified they should be worn by volleyball players, they can be as great for those who are into table tennis, racquetball or working out on a regular basis.

That’s thanks to their rubber soles that enhance the traction on surfaces on which you’d otherwise slide. The footbeds are GEL cushioned, therefore the shoes are comfortable and don’t feel like concrete.

This GEL cushioning will also make a difference in the ability of the shoes to absorb shock. If you’re a hitter, for instance, you’ll have to jump – if the soles aren’t cushioned, your feet will get severely sore after a few jumps.

  • Perfect for people with splay feet
  • GEL cushioned
  • Outstanding support
  • Can be worn for a variety of sports (ping pong, racquetball, volleyball, badminton, etc.)

  • The laces can untie when the shoes warm up
  • Some found them to be a little heavy
  • They could be a little more durable
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Best Squash Shoes for Men

Salming Kobra

Squash is a fun sport, but it doesn’t make sense to play without a proper pair of shoes because you’d spend your time skidding instead of actually playing. If you’re on the lookout for new shoes, consider the Salming Kobra Men’s Squash Shoes.

These combine all the features of an outstanding piece of squash equipment: they are cushioned, so your feet won’t hurt, they’re lightweight and surprisingly stable.

Due to the fact that their upper part is made with mesh, you can rest assured that your feet won’t feel like they’ve been boiled after half an hour of playing. The soles are quite large – they call it the exoskeleton – and it works in stabilizing your feet as you play.

Another feature you’ll definitely like is the heel cup, which will increase traction and will ensure a more secure hold. Plus, your heels won’t feel like raw meat. If you just can’t seem to find the perfect shoes, then you should consider these. They won’t let you down.

  • Great support
  • Outstanding design
  • Exoskeleton for enhanced stability
  • Mesh material for breathability

  • They are more expensive than most squash shoes
  • The rubber on the soles and heels can be a little rigid at first

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Best Affordable Squash Shoes

HEAD Grid 2.0

HEAD is a well-known manufacturer of equipment for sports. If you play indoor sports and need a pair of brand-new shoes that’ll last you, the HEAD Men’s Grid 2.0 Indoor Shoes are the way to go.

The nicest thing about these is that their soles aren’t as voluminous as the ones of other brands. Obviously, this doesn’t compromise their traction power. You can rest assured that you won’t skid, no matter how slippery the surface you play on is.

Unlike other shoes designed for indoor use, HEAD’s are a lot more lightweight. You know this feature is crucial, regardless of the sport you play. The fact that they’re lightweight doesn’t mean they are not durable.

The shoes are made of synthetic material and have a mesh on the upper part. This will allow your feet to breath. This way, they won’t get sweaty. If you’re looking for shoes with a great grip for an affordable price, HEAD’s should be on your bucket list.

They’re suitable for all indoor court sports, so you can’t go wrong with them.

  • Perfect for all sorts of sports
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comfortable

  • The mesh could have been a little better

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Best Tennis Shoes for Squash

Wilson Kaos

In order to be a professional tennis player, you need two attributes: speed and stability. These two can be can be enhanced by wearing a pair of qualitative tennis shoes like the Wilson Kaos Men’s All Court Tennis Shoes.

These are extremely lightweight, thanks to having been made of synthetic material. The footbed is cushioned, so the shoes are comfortable. Also, the soles have been designed with increased traction in mind.

One of the most annoying problems with most tennis shoes nowadays is the fact that their laces start giving out once the material heats up. Fortunately enough, this doesn’t happen with the Kaos. Their laces stay tight no matter what.

The shoes can be purchased in a variety of 12 colors. In terms of design, they’re nothing out of the ordinary but aren’t insipid either. The price recommends them as some of the most affordable tennis shoes you can find these days.

Once you’re equipped with the Wilson Kaos, the court will be all yours.

  • Well-made
  • Improved traction
  • They feel comfortable
  • Laces never untie
  • Many color options to choose from

  • Some people found them a tad too narrow

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Best Badminton Shoes for Squash

Yonex Power Cushion PC-SHB 65

Most badminton shoes are made of synthetic material. This isn’t necessarily bad, but it can tear quicker than other materials, especially if it isn’t combined with some other ones.

The Yonex PC65 Wide Badminton Shoes are state-of-the-art pieces of equipment in this respect. They’re made with synthetic material, P.U. leather and a strong mesh that doesn’t rip even if you wanted it to.

The soles are made of rubber, which will have a positive effect on the grip and the traction you need in order to have a successful game. They also contribute to a better shock absorption.

If you’re having any issues with your feet (bones or ligaments-related), these will be genuine life-savers. The shoes can be purchased in either blue or white. We daresay the white ones look considerably better. The blue ones are a little violent to the eyes.

The major drawback of these otherwise great badminton shoes is their price. They are a lot more expensive than your common shoes, but then again – they’re high quality.

  • P.A. leather and tough mesh
  • Very comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Increased shock absorption

  • Extremely expensive, even if the materials they’re made of are high-quality
  • Can be a little rigid the first couple of uses

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Best Lightweight Squash Shoes

Prince SQ Advantage Lite

One recurrent setback for players, when it comes to choosing their shoes, is that most of them look absolutely gross. Obviously, it’s not all about the design, but many care about the looks of their shoes.

If you’re one of those, the stylish all-court Prince Men’s SQ Lite Squash Sneaker Shoes are for you. They’re made of synthetic material and rubber (the soles); unlike other shoes, these have holes in them that allow your feet to feel cool at all times.

Thanks to their material, they are lightweight, which is a huge plus, regardless of the sport you play on the court. Their main selling point is their design. It’s simple, yet wildly effective, as the black and white combination never goes out of style.

If you’re playing squash, you need a good grip on the floor, since it is, more often than not, very slippery. The rubber on the soles ensures your stability and you won’t have to worry about falling to the ground. These are highly recommended to all players, as they could just be the best squash sneakers at the moment.

  • The price-quality rapport is justified
  • Simply beautiful
  • Mesh and holes for breathability

  • None, as far as we are concerned, although their lack of popularity should be addressed by the manufacturer

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Best Indoor Squash Shoes

Adidas Court Stabil

Adidas needs no introduction. It’s a fan-favorite brand of sports equipment. If you’re an indoor court-fiend, the Adidas Court Stabil Men’s Indoor Court Shoe should definitely be in your bag next time you play.

Adidas doesn’t make compromises when it comes to the quality of their products. These have everything a good pair of shoes must have: tough foam outsoles, they’re made with synthetic material and have toe caps, which ensure a plus of comfort.

Their stability and the fact that they’re lightweight are their main selling points. The design, too, makes them an outstanding addition to your equipment. As specified in their name, they’re intended for use in court only.

They’re suitable for volleyball, badminton, racquetball, and squash, but you can also use them when you play ping pong or tennis. Another great thing about these is that they’re nowhere near as expensive as other brands.

You can pay a good couple of hundreds of bucks on a pair of less durable, uglier shoes. These come in the range of $100. Quite difficult to believe that’s true, but it is.

  • Affordable
  • Adidas quality
  • Suitable for all sorts of indoor sports

  • None that we know of. There are no complaints about them from customers.

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ASICS Men’s GEL-Dedicate 4 Tennis Shoes

Squash novices can begin their journey in the game of Squash with the ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 4 Tennis Shoes because it is cushioned properly and it promises to be very comfortable when you wear this as you play the game. In addition to this, it is made of imported, leather materials with a synthetic sole.

It is a basic men’s Squash shoe that also comes in the most basic colors which is black, white, and silver.

However, it is also a Squash shoe with a minimal cost as it is priced very reasonably, despite the promising features found on this model. Moreover, it comes with a mesh upper, a perforated overlay, and a padded tongue or collar for a consistently great play.

It has a forefoot gel cushioning system and a solid non-marking rubber outsole that is able to enhance the durability and traction of the shoes as you play. However, the Gel-Dedicate 4 Tennis Shoe can be too tight around the toe since it is triangular in shape. This can cause the player to experience discomfort as they play, along with the fact that this shoe is on the heavier side.

  • Beginner’s shoes with a mesh upper with perforated overlays and padded tongue
  • Imported, leather materials with a synthetic sole
  • Reasonably priced
  • Forefoot gel cushioning system and a solid non-marking rubber outsole with increased durability and improved traction

  • Triangular shape causes it to be too tight along the toe area
  • Uncomfortable to wear
  • Limited color options


The ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 4 Tennis Shoe is a great shoe, but the user can only appreciate the value of this shoe can only be felt if it can complement the shape of the player’s feet.

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Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Club Tennis Shoes

Adidas created shoes for court played games, like tennis, volleyball, and squash, which come from imported textile and synthetic materials. Since it is a Squash shoes, it has a non-marking rubber sole for better results during games because shoes with thick edges can be difficult to play with in a Squash court.

The Adidas Performance Barricade shoe has a lightweight TPU foil which is attached to the mesh upper for maximum breathability, improved durability, and better lateral stability during games.

It also features an abrasion-resistant ADITUFF which carefully wraps around the toe and medial forefoot to help protect against foot drag that usually happens during serves, volleys and extreme lateral movements. Moreover, it also comes with the ADIPRENE+ in the forefoot to maintain propulsion and efficiency as you play and it also provides superior cushioning at impact.

Another praiseworthy feature of this shoe is the TORSION SYSTEM which improves midfoot integrity which improves stability and support in quick directional changes as they play and the ADIWEAR 6 outsole which is able to provide the ultimate comfort and high-wear durability. However, this shoe is not as spacious as one would require from a squash shoe and this means that it can be uncomfortable to use as you play.

  • Lightweight TPU foil attached to the mesh upper for maximum breathability, improved durability, and better lateral stability as you play
  • ADITUFF is resistant to abrasion and it carefully wraps around the toe and medial forefoot to protect user against foot drag
  • ADIPRENE+ in the forefoot maintains propulsion, stability, and efficiency and it provides superior cushioning at impact
  • ADIWEAR 6 outsole provides the ultimate comfort and durability

  • Tight
  • Uncomfortable during longer games


The Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Tennis Shoe is a promising shoe with several different added features, but it falls short on the comfort department. This shoe might be great for recreational squash players who do not spend long hours on the court, but it should be avoided by those who would like to enjoy playing squash for a prolonged period of time.

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New Balance Men’s MC806 Stability Tennis Shoe

New Balance is known for producing comfortable shoes and the New Balance Men’s MC806 Stability Tennis Shoe is no exception as it has been created from imported leather and synthetic materials. Moreover, it is also made with a non-marking rubber sole which is common among squash shoes.

For its design, it is a lace-up shoe with a reinforced toe that features a perforated toe box and side panel for maximum comfort and stability as you play. Moreover, it features an ABZORB cushioning system and a C-CAP midsole. However, it is quite narrow for some users and it is one of the more expensive squash shoes on this list.

  • Features the ABZORB cushioning system and a C-CAP midsole
  • Lace-up shoe with a reinforced toe that has a perforated toe box and side panel for better comfort and stability during the game
  • Non-marking rubber sole

  • Expensive
  • Narrow


The New Balance MC806 is a great shoe that provides great stability during games and it is also able to provide maximum comfort as you play. It might be on the pricier side, but it is also long lasting and can withstand longer games.

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6 Best Squash Shoes for Women: Product Review

Best Indoor Squash Shoes for Women

Salming Viper 4

When you play indoor court sports, you should always opt for a pair of shoes with lower outsoles. You might think that’s counterproductive because it might cause pain, but that won’t happen if those outsoles are soft and foam-like.

The Salming Womens Viper 4 Indoor Court Sports Shoes have that attribute; therefore you can rest assured they won’t feel uncomfortable. Although they might look a little too sturdy and rigid at a first glance, they are actually quite malleable.

While most shoes are too flexible and can lead to injuries of the joints, the Salming Viper have an exoskeleton that keeps your feet in place without compromising flexibility in the least.

As a consequence, you’ll be able to speed up and fend with the utmost of ease. There will be no pressure on your joints whatsoever. These shoes are a little expensive, that’s true, but they truly deserve every penny.

They’re among the best indoor court sports shoes for women we’ve seen, and there’s not a shred of exaggeration in our affirmation.

  • Great design
  • Extremely lightweight
  • They ensure your stability on the court thanks to the exoskeleton

  • They might feel a little stiff the first couple of times you wear them

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Best Squash Shoes for Women’s Volleyball


One misconception many people give too much credence to is that only expensive shoes are of high-quality. That could not have been more unrealistic. The ASICS Women’s GEL Upcourt Volleyball Shoe is further proof of that claim.

When talking about these particular shoes, the keyword is “comfort”. The outsoles are made out of a gummy rubber and your feet will be cushioned by the GEL system that goes in pretty much all ASICS shoes.

The top of the shoes is all mesh. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to keep your feet cool, even after hours of playing. The grip they offer is outstanding, but it doesn’t stop you dead on the tracks.

When you play volleyball, and especially when you’re about to pound the ball, you need to be stable when you land, i.e. have that initial shock absorbed, so you don’t end up on your back. Luckily, that won’t happen with the ASICS, thanks to their GEL.

ASICS’s wonder-shoes are among the highest-rated in this industry, so you shouldn’t have any second thoughts about getting them. These are the best ASICS volleyball shoes, hands down.

  • Steadfast grip
  • As comfortable as shoes can get
  • Unwavering support

  • The sizing can be a tad confusing
  • Some people might find them too tight

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Lightest Women’s Squash Shoes

Yonex Aerus 2 LX

Yonex shoes have been in the spotlight for a while, and understandably so, since they are always great for the price they’re sold for. Let’s review the best leather women’s badminton shoes.

The Yonex Aerus 2 LX Women’s Badminton Court Shoes, subsequently, should be your go-to when you’re shopping on a tight budget. What makes these stand out from the crowd is that they’re made of leather and fabric.

This way, they are more durable than most court shoes you’ll come across. When you play indoor sports, you need lightweight shoes that allow you to run fast and stop efficiently. Needless to say, the Aerus 2 are fantastic in this respect.

On top of all these, the shoes do not retain moisture, thanks to their mesh. Cool air enters the shoes and replaces the hot one. Traction is ensured by the rubber outsoles. Moreover, these can be purchased in 5 colors.

Yonex has launched quite a few gorgeous pairs of shoes throughout the years, but they truly hit the bulls-eye with the Aerus 2 LX. Women will certainly agree on that.

  • Incredibly lightweight and durable (a rare combination)
  • They expel moisture
  • They ensure proper traction

  • They will feel a little tight for a while, but just because they’re new

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Best Affordable Squash Shoes for Women

ASICS Gel-Rocket 8

Shock absorption is crucial in indoor sports. If your shoes don’t have soft outsoles, your feet will suffer a lot. Those with GEL, on the other hand, will cradle your feet the right way.

The ASICS Women’s Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe can be a good addition to your sports accessories, particularly if you’re having issues with your feet.

While most volleyball shoes are still unable to offer 100% protection against sliding, the Rocket 8 will surely keep you in position and give you the traction you need in order to speed up and score that point.

When you come back down, you won’t even feel that you’ve hit the ground, as the GEL will absorb the force of the impact. In terms of design, these aren’t groundbreaking, but they don’t look nearly as bad as perhaps 80% of all volleyball shoes.

If you’re new to volleyball in court and you own a pair of shoes that make you slide all over the place like you were on ice, the ASICS Rocket 8 should be on your bucket list. They are, after all, among the most affordable volleyball shoes on the market.

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Good traction
  • Lightweight

  • People say there’s too much plastic in them
  • The cushion in the front could use some improvement

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Best Squash Shoes for Sprint

HEAD Sprint Pro Court

It looks like HEAD manufactures some of the most good-looking court shoes these days. Just take a look at the HEAD Women’s Sprint Pro Court Shoe – can you say they’re not gorgeous? Less likely.

Synthetic material isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s not as durable as say, leather, the material the Pro Court are made out of. Regardless of the court sport you’re playing, these shoes will always feel comfortable.

The rubber outsoles grant the traction you need to accelerate and stop efficiently. In tennis or volleyball, this makes the difference between scoring or losing, but you already know that.

These can be purchased in either white or black and pink. While the latter pair looks cool, the former is absolutely stunning. The combination of white, gray and silver is utterly breathtaking, making them the best women’s pro court shoes, indeed.

This way, these are not only exceptionally durable but eye-pleasing, as well. Also, stability, it goes without saying, is a given. And, as you might expect, these shoes are lightweight.

A mild inconvenience is the fact that they need to be “broken into”, as they’ll be stiff for a while.

  • Gorgeous design
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Rubber outsoles for traction

  • A little rigid until broken into
  • Some people say they’re made of synthetic material, not leather

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K-SWISS Women’s Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe

The next shoe on this list is the latest addition to K-SWISS Bigshot line and it is the K-SWISS Women’s Bigshot Light Tennis shoes and it promises to be faster, lighter, and more breathable during your games.

It is made from imported materials and this shoe is individually made by hand.

Similar to other Squash shoe, it has a non-marking rubber soles to avoid possible scratches on the unfinished feel of the Squash court. Moreover, this shoe is designed to put your foot closer to the ground provides for a more lateral stability as you retain your speed. For the design, it comes with a remarkable and rather bold 5 stripe branding.

It also comes with the durable Aosta 7.0 rubber outsole, the rigid 180 PCS mid-foot support chassis for added support and stability as you play, and an EVA midsole for improved shock absorption. K-SWISS also ensures the durability of the shoes, but it is not recommended for casual use as the wide toe bed signifies that it is designed specifically for Squash players.

  • New design enables quicker movement, lighter weight, and more breathable feel
  • Non-marking rubber soles avoid scratches on the unfinished construction of the Squash court
  • Features durable Aosta 7.0 rubber outsole and EVA midsole for improved shock absorption
  • Rigid 180 PCS mid-foot support chassis for added support and stability as you play

  • Not ideal for casual use as it is too wide around the toe area


The K-SWISS Women’s Bigshot Light Tennis shoes is a model that is specifically designed for court played games as it is able to provide comfort on the user’s feet without compromising the speed and stability during games. This is great value for any Squash fanatic as it stretches the value of your money as this shoe can last for several years provided that it is given the utmost care by the user.

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In conclusion, the purchase of shoes is a bit tricky since everyone has a different taste when it comes to the appearance of the shoes. When it comes to purchasing a shoe, particularly one that will be used for physical and strenuous sports such as Squash, it is more vital to consider the comfort that the shoes provide on your feet since it will protect the user against possible injuries or exhaustion. Finally, it is important to remember that it is more essential to consider the comfort that the shoe provides the user over the physical appearance of the shoes.

Squash Shoes Questions

How To Identify Squash Shoes

It’s easy to identify squash shoes. Here is what makes squash shoes different from other shoes.

  1. Squash shoes have a non-marking sole. You only wear these shoes while playing squash. It keeps squash courts clean and reduces injuries caused by slippery courts.
  2. Running shoes are designed for running in the forward direction, not sideways. Similarly, basketball shoes and cross-trainer shoes are not suitable for squash.
  3. Squash shoes have soft soles that offer excellent grip on the indoor court.

Squash shoes provide great support for ankle and foot. It keeps the injury away while players perform short turns, rapid twists, and quick burst without the fear of injury.

What Are Non-marking Gum Rubber Soles?

Non-marking gum rubber soles are designed for indoor use. They don’t leave marks and lines on wooden floors. These gum rubber soles are usually made of a blend of gum rubber and synthetic rubber, which provides excellent grip and cushions the foot during sharp movements.

Many indoor sports facilities require players to wear non-marking shoes before they enter the facility.
A non-marking gum rubber shoe usually has a yellow gummed sole that is soft to the touch. The soft rubber in the outer soles makes these shoes perfect for indoor sports.

What Makes A Good Squash Shoe?

The best squash shoes will provide good traction while being durable and comfortable at the same time. Here are three characteristics that make a great squash shoe.

  1. Grip: It’s important because you don’t want to slip on the floor and injure yourself.
  2. Durability: Good squash shoes will last longer and provide good value for money.
  3. Comfort: Squash shoes should be comfortable so that your ankles and feet are properly cushioned and protected.

Running or outdoor shoes are not suitable for squash and other indoor activities because they have a marking sole. Moreover, they provide the level of cushioning squash players need due to rapid movements in all directions.

How Often Should I Replace My Squash Shoes?

Pair of squash shoes would usually last about 10 months before you replace it with a new one. As a rule of thumb, when you notice visible tearing, it’s usually time to replace your shoes.

If you spend 5 days on the court, a budget pair will give you around 6months. Depending on your movement and foot position, it could wear quicker than expected. You will notice the sole getting hard and losing grip on the floor when your shoe is not in a great position anymore.

Not changing your squash shoes when they have visible tear will lead to discomfort and injury.

How Tight Should Squash Shoes Be?

Squash is an intense game. Your feet move a lot as you take sharp turns and put intense pressure on your feet while sprinting. If you have a pair of shoes that don’t fit correctly, your likelihood of getting injuries will increase. Moreover, your game will suffer when you are not comfortable with your shoes. Therefore, it’s incredibly importable to select a pair of shoes that fit you correctly.

A shoe that fits correctly does not hurt your toes. At the same time, it doesn’t allow your foot to move inside the shoe. A perfect fitting shoe should be comfortable to wear and it shouldn’t hurt your toe-end when you move in the court.

Can You Use Squash Shoes For Tennis

Squash shoes are lightweight and breathable. They are great for squash court where they provide excellent grip and allow players to make sharp turns. However, these shoes won’t hold up if you use them when playing tennis.
Squash shoes are typically a lot lighter than tennis shoes. Tennis shoes are meant to hold up against abrasive surface and outdoor conditions.

How Long Do Squash Shoes Last?

Depending on how much time you spend on the court and the shoe manufacturer, your squash shoes can last anywhere between 3 to 12 months. If you spend 1-3 days on the court, your shoes will usually last for about 10-12 months. For serious players who spend more than 4 days on the court, shoes can last anywhere between 3-6 months.

Usually, you can keep a shoe until the inner liner comes off or the support breaks down to a point where the shoe starts hurting your feet. It’s a good idea to replace it as soon as the sole becomes worn out, even if the other parts are still looking great. A worn outsole could easily become the reason you slip and get a serious injury.

What Squash Shoes Do The Pros Wear?

Here are the shoes that pros usually wear.
Saxon SX900: Gum rubber outsole, breathable mesh material, great grip, and highly durable.
ASICS Gel-Rocket 8: Lightweight, gel cushioned, excellent support, and can be used in other outdoor sports such as table tennis, badminton, and racquetball.
Salming Viper 3.0: Torsion Guide System, toe drag guard, and made from lightweight material to give you the extra speed.
Head Grid 2.0 Low: Excellent grip, great shock absorption, and extreme traction that allows you to make sharp turns without thinking of slipping on the court.
Hi-Tec AD Pro Elite: Stable, enhanced comfort, breathable liner, and Midfoot TPU Shank technology for maximum impact reduction.

Which Squash Shoes Should I Buy?

Don’t overlook the importance of buying the right shoes, as that could result in a serious injury. Here is a general guideline on what shoe would suit you the most.

Shoes with added cushioning
Shoes with added cushioning are great for people who need additional support for their feet and ankle. These shoes typically come with plenty of mesh material and provide great shock absorption. They may not last as long as some other squash shoes.

Shoes according to your feet
You will have shoes for narrow and wide feet. Usually, shoes made for wider feet last longer compared to shoes for narrow feet but they tend to be less comfortable.

Shoes according to price
Finally, consider shoe category based on what you can afford. It’s easy to find budget shoes that perform like the best shoes out there. The only downside is that they often show wear and tear much earlier than expensive squash shoes.

How To Buy Squash Shoes?

Squash is a high-energy sport where players burn nearly 800 calories per hour on average. Burning this lot of energy requires you to make sharp turns and instant sprints in all imaginable directions on the squash court. Without proper shoes, you will end up in a hospital.

To buy the right pair of shoes for squash, consider the following.

  1. The shoes are lightweight and feel comfortable on the foot
  2. Your shoes don’t hurt your toenail when you move around quickly
  3. Squash shoes should have a non-marking rubber sole