Best Squash Shoes for Wide FeetSquash is one of the most beloved indoor sports. As a matter of fact, according to a Forbes study, squash is an excellent sport for staying fit, as it burns approximately 750 calories per hour. Still, this isn’t the only reason for the sport’s popularity – it is really fun to play, as well.

To enjoy the most out of it, though, you should have the right shoes. A common mistake is playing squash with running shoes. The court is rather slippery and requires shoes that are made specifically for this purpose.

So, today, we will talk about the best squash shoes for wide feet, and how to choose yours.

Squash Shoes for Wide Feet Rating

ImageModel NamePriceOur RatingAvailability
HEAD Grid 2.0HEAD Grid 2.0$$5 Star
Prince NFS Assault Indoor CourtPrince NFS Assault$$5 Star
Salming KobraSalming Kobra$$$5 Star
Prince NFS RallyPrince NFS Rally$$4.5 Star
Head Sprint Pro CourtHead Sprint Pro Court$$4 Star

How to Choose the Best Squash Shoes for Wide Feet

Before we present to you our top recommendations for the best squash shoes, we will briefly outline the characteristics that you should consider.

The Perfect Fit

Although it may appear like common sense to get squash shoes that fit, you should first assess what the sport entails. If you’ve played squash beforehand, then you know that it is really intense. Therefore, as you play, your feet are prone to swell.

This is why it’s essential to avoid shoes that have a tight fit. The odds are that you’ll end up with sore feet and an impaired performance. That is to say, you should have enough room in the toe bed.

It goes without saying that pounding your toes in the top of the shoes will inevitably cause discomfort. At the same time, squash implies a lot of ankle movement. If your ankles are large, a snug fit will imminently cause pain.

That being said, think about the nature of the sport and the movements it entails before picking your squash shoes. Ideally, you should try the shoes later in the afternoon, as your feet might be bigger at that time.


As you play squash, you must either stop or turn away at a moment’s notice. In other words, this sport implies brusque types of movements – this is why wearing running shoes during the game can mean havoc.

Ideally, your squash shoes shouldn’t prevent you from moving, nor should they allow you to turn too easily – as this will make you slip. This means that they should have excellent traction so that you don’t slide.

Lateral Reinforcement

Moving on, another critical characteristic of a pair of squash shoes is lateral reinforcement. The reinforcement ensures excellent stability while diminishing the risks of injuries or tenosynovitis.

To be more specific, the natural reinforcement includes a specific mixture of elements. For one thing, there is the surface of the shoe, which should be equally resistant and flexible, easily adapting to your feet.

Still, aside from the surface, manufacturers include various elements on the sides in an attempt to maximize the stability of the player. These elements are either synthetic or made of plastic.

Our Recommendations for the Best Squash Shoes for Wide Feet in 2018

HEAD Grid 2.0

The HEAD Grid 2.0 shoes are perfectly suitable for a wide range of indoor sports – squash included. This is primarily due to the high level of comfort and grip they provide on this type of surfaces.

Over the years, HEAD has created a range of excellent shoes, and this pair is one of them.

You can choose from two colors – white with an ounce of blue and black.

The upper part of the shoes is made of mesh material, whose purpose is to provide breathability. At the same time, the embedded cooling system will maintain your feet dry and comfortable game after game.

Essentially, breathability is of great importance when you’re playing squash, especially if your feet are wide.

Furthermore, it’s good to know that the HEAD Grid 2.0 has a toe drag reduction, maximizing your resistance on the court. It also helps in the case of counter lateral movements, thanks to the appropriate holding mechanisms at the ankle.

Considering that the outsole is made from gum rubber, you enjoy excellent traction even on smooth surfaces. This is great news for squash players.

Concurrently, these shoes incorporate a proprietary staple referred to as HyBrasion. Thanks to this HyBrasion technology, the shoes provide a boost of support to the high stress areas; thus, they diminish the incidence of injuries.

On the whole, these shoes are excellent for squash, and they come at a decent price, as well.

  • Excellent breathability, thanks to the Air Mesh technology
  • They have a thick, protective outsole
  • Due to the HyBrasion technology, the durability of the shoes is enhanced
  • Excellent traction for sharp movements
  • Toe-drag resistance
  • Notable shock absorption
  • Stiff material, at first. In time, though, they break in
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Prince NFS Assault Indoor Court

These shoes by Prince are also worthy of your attention, especially if you have wide feet. For one thing, Prince is known as one of the top-selling brands of squash shoes. This comes as a guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by their performance on the squash court.

We already outlined that traction is a critical characteristic for squash shoes – primarily because the court is smooth, in comparison with that of other sports. Essentially, the odds of slipping are considerably high. This is why squash has a high risk of injury.

Nevertheless, Prince solves this problem by using the outsoles. The outsole tread pattern is designed to offer maximum traction – and it accomplishes that successfully.

Another excellent characteristic is that the outsoles don’t leave any marks in the case of abrupt, sudden changes on the squash court.

Breathability is another consideration of crucial importance. If your feet don’t breathe during your squash game, you will inevitably feel a discomfort. On the other hand, breathable shoes minimize the likelihood of injury, while maintaining your feet dry.

Another great advantage of these squash shoes is the fact that they are lightweight. The one thing that could jeopardize your performance is having heavyweight shoes that slow you down. Happily, this isn’t the case with the Prince NFS Assault. They are really lightweight, allowing you to be as agile and quick as possible.

When it comes to the fit of the shoes, you should note that it will take a while to break them in. This could be a potential disadvantage. However, in time, you can be sure that they will become more comfortable.

  • They are lightweight and easy to move around with
  • They offer outstanding grip and balance
  • They are breathable
  • Top-quality soles
  • At first, they aren’t very comfortable
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Salming Kobra

Salming is also known for manufacturing excellent, reliable squash shoes – and the Salming Kobra pair makes no exception to this rule.
Performance wise, these shoes are something else. They facilitate outstanding grip on the court, which is the key to excellent squash performance. This is achieved thanks to the lightweight rubber compound – the HX120.

What is more, the lateral support of these shoes is pretty notable. The Kobra has the following technologies: LMS and LMS+ and TGS – all of these contribute to optimizing your lateral support.

LMS accounts for lateral movement stabilizer, and it is incorporated in the mid-foot section of the shoe. Its primary goal is to offer stability during lateral movements – which are among the most challenging ones.

On the other side, the LMS+ is built into the outside lateral part of the shoe, and it prevents the foot from rolling onward. As for the TGS, it stands for Salming’s Torsional Guide System – it combines flexibility and firmness during lateral movements.

We really like the firmness of the Kobra. When it comes to squash, firmness translates into improved lateral stability, which is of utmost importance. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t flex – because they do.

When it comes to the cushioning of the Kobra, you should know that it features excellent cushioning in the heel. The mid-section and forefoot part of the shoe feature Recoil cushioning system. The recoil cushioning is meant to transfer the energy to the foot, granting your movements more spring.

Due to the mesh, the Kobra is quite lightweight and breathable – and this applies especially to the outer part. Due to the firmness level, though, you might consider upping half a size, to get a comfortable fit.

  • They offer excellent lateral movement
  • They are lightweight and easy to move around with
  • They provide a perfect balance of flexibility and firmness
  • Outstanding cushioning and breathability
  • The Kobra runs a bit small
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Prince NFS Rally

The Prince NFS Rally is created for indoor surfaces, being the perfect equipment for playing squash. NFS stands for natural foot shape, and we can assure you that this is a given.

Thanks to the combination of leather and mesh, the shoes are unbelievably comfortable. At the same time, this makes them widely suitable for long, tiring matches that get the most out of you.

If you are into other indoor sports such as racquetball or handball, these shoes are the perfect fit for these purposes, as well. Due to the padded ankle collar and tongue, you enjoy optimal comfort and support, round the clock.

Moving on, the gum rubber outsole facilitates a boost of traction. That is not all, though, since you also benefit from unparalleled ventilation and traction.

In the meantime, the Duraskin II toe cap ensures a boost of toe drag protection, keeping the soil intact as your foot slides. The optimal grip and durability come as bonuses.

On the other side, due to the synthetic upper side, the weight of the shoe is diminished, maintaining it breathable and durable. Simultaneously, the air mesh preserves the shape of the shoe, while facilitating the ventilation you need for optimal comfort and performance.

Due to the lightweight EVA and thick midsole, the shock absorption is notable. This is beneficial to the joints, as it diminishes the impact exercised on them.

  • Excellent shock absorption
  • They are breathable
  • Toe-drag protection
  • Mesh paneling for ventilation
  • Lightweight cushioning and support
  • Nothing we could think of
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Head Sprint Pro Court

As the name of these shoes clearly outlines, they are made to keep you moving on the squash court, so that you can enjoy the outstanding performance. The design is low-to-the-ground and lightweight, which is an ideal combination.

As a matter of fact, these shoes are much lighter than the average pair of squash shoes. There is an ounce of stiffness that aims at making the shoe a bit more supportive. Nevertheless, this doesn’t add any unnecessary weight to the shoes.

Concurrently, if you play at maximum speed, these shoes will maintain your feet protected and stable. What makes them really worthy of your attention is the unique low midsole construction.

That is to say, the shoes maintain your feet in contact with the court. This allows you to move unbelievably fast. Therefore, if speed is a priority for you, these shoes are calling your name.

Evidently, the faster you play, the more stability you need. To that end, the Micro Fit Technology aims at facilitating a firm, yet comfortable fit. In the meantime, the EVA core layer keeps your feet in place.

In the meantime, they fit true to size, which is a significant benefit. They are also really durable, thanks to the toe and medial side rubber protection.

On a different note, you can definitely use these shoes for playing other indoor sports, as well, such as racquetball, badminton, and pickleball.

The most important characteristics of the shoes are the lightweight design and their stability – these allow you to attain unmatched speed.

  • Excellent abrasion resistance and durability
  • They are created to facilitate optimal support
  • Thanks to the synthetic overlays, you enjoy superior comfort
  • Good ventilation
  • Some customers complained that the sole unglued after wearing the shoes a couple of time
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These are our top recommendations for the best squash shoes for wide feet. We hope that our reviews will help you make the right purchase for upping your squash game. Which one appeals to you the most? Let us know!