When people first played squash during the 1800’s, the racket has been one of the most essential components of the game. As times passed, the game has also evolved into a more popular sport. With its growing popularity, squash rackets have also become more varied in size, shape, and appearance.

best squash rackets

In the year 2018, which squash racket is the most effective when playing the sport?

Best Squash Racket Rating

Tecnifibre CarboFlex 125125 gHead Heavy (350 mm)Graphite / Basaltex
Head Nano Ti 110110 gEven (360 mm)Nano Titanium
HEAD Micro Gel 145145 gHead Light (335 mm)Graphite / Microgel
Harrow Vapor140 gEven Balance (380 mm)Carbon Graphite
Head Graphene Xenon 135135 gHead-Heavy (370 mm)Graphene / CT2 / d3o
Head CYANO 2 115115 gEven (365 mm)Innegra / Carbon hybrid
Dunlop Blaze Pro180 gHead-LightGraphite alloy

Buyer’s Guide

Before you go on a squash racket shopping spree, there are a few things that you must consider.


Budget is one of the most vital and practical considerations that a buyer takes into account when making a purchase. There are cheaper squash rackets available in the market today and they can be a viable option for people who are not willing to spend a lot on a squash racket. However, experienced squash players also have an option to purchase pricier models. You can purchase a squash racket for as low as $25, but there are also squash rackets that can cost over $500.


Another factor that a buyer should consider is the weight of the racket that you are going to purchase, since you would want to play with a squash racket that is not only easy to swing, but will also be able to generate immense power as hit the ball. The weight of squash rackets would usually range from 90 grams to 150 grams.

The weight of the individual’s racket should be dependent on the preference of the user. A user who wants to easily maneuver their squash racket with less force should buy a lighter model. On the other hand, if the user wants a racket with a stronger force with a slower swing, the user should purchase a heavier squash racket.


When purchasing a squash racket, the buyer should note that there are three kinds of balance. It can be either a head light racket, a head heavy racket, or an evenly balanced racket. Each kind of balance provides a variety of benefits and the player must be able to gauge which kind of advantage they prefer.

A head light racket is easier to maneuver since most of its mass around the handle. This is beneficial for players who enjoy fast volleys and flick shots. Rackets with a head light balance are more common among squash rackets with a heavier weight.

On the contrary, head heavy rackets have most of its mass towards the head of the racket which makes it easier to control and produce a much more fluid swing than head light rackets. This kind of balance also enables the player to generate more power and it can also allow the player to play longer games. Head heavy rackets are also common among squash rackets with lighter weight.

Finally, the evenly balanced squash racket is a more flexible racket that produces a great volley and a decent amount of power. This type of balance is favored by the all-court type of player since it provides a great balance between the features of the head light and head heavy squash rackets.

squash rackets and ball


The grip size no each squash racket is standard, but the finish and feel of the grip can be different among the various models of squash rackets. When you are not comfortable with standard grip, it is possible to put an overgrip and you can even replace the original grip when it becomes worn out. Despite the standard size of the grip, it is very easy to customize it according to the user’s preference. However, a thick grip allows for a less control on the squash racket.


The beam of the squash racket refers to the width and the most common beam width is from 15 mm to 25 mm. A thin beam will allow for more flexibility and easier maneuver of the racket, but a thicker beam is stiffer and can generate more power.


One of the most vital components of a squash racket is the string and it can greatly affect how a play will go. There are various types of squash racket strings and varying string tensions available on the market. Most squash rackets have come with the strings already attached and these strings are usually the cheaper variety. However, the user can customize and upgrade the strings on their squash racket.

If you decide to purchase a higher quality string, it will be able to provide a stronger grip and feel on the ball. Moreover, if you prefer a denser string bed, it will have more directional control over the ball. On the contrary, if you have a more open string pattern, it increases and strengthens the power of your squash racket, but the string is more prone to damage.

The gauge of the string can also have an effect on your racket and the gauge usually ranges from a 16 gauge to a 19 gauge. However, the most common gauge is the 17 and 18 gauge since this maximizes the playability of the squash racket as it produces greater power and it heightens the possibility of an occurrence of a spin.

In general, a thin string is less durable, while a thicker string can last longer. Moreover, if the string has a higher string tension, it provides less power, but greater control because it reacts in a manner similar to how a trampoline works. On the contrary, strings with lower tension produces more power, but it compromises the amount of control that it gives out to the user.

Head Size

If you want to know whether a racket will greater power or more control, the user should look at the head size of the racket. If the user values control over power, they should choose a squash racket with a smaller head size. On the contrary, if the user wants to have a squash racket with an increased power, they should choose a model with a larger head size. Moreover, a racket with a larger head size also means that it has a larger sweet spot.

Throat Shape

The two kinds of throat in a squash racket are called the open throat or the closed throat. An open throat, often called the teardrop throat, has a larger string-bed area and a larger sweet spot. It is also able to provide greater strength when it comes to its playability, but it is also harder to control due to the increased trampoline effect and the decreased torsional support.

In contrast, the closed throat or the bridge style throat provides greater control because of the shorter strings and a smaller sweet spot. Moreover, it provides more stability and it is more fitting for those who are experienced in playing squash.

Best Squash Racket: Product Review

Tecnifibre CarboFlex 125

Tecnifibre has created an average priced, high rating squash racket called the Tecnifibre CarboFlex 125 Squash Racket. It is constructed from materials made of Graphite and Basaltex and it is delivered to the user with its strings attached with a ¾ cover included. It has a frame weight of 125 grams making it a lightweight model which enables quicker swings.

It has a head size of 77.5 square inches and a head light balance of 350 mm which makes it easy to maneuver and it also allows for quick volleys and flick shots. In addition to this, it comes with a Tecnifibre 305+ Black 1.2 factory string and is extremely durable, as Tecnifibre is known for its long lasting and strong strings. In addition to this, the CarboFlex 125 has a recommended tension of 26 – 28 pounds.

Since it has a smaller sweet spot, it is quite unforgiving if the ball hits anywhere outside of the sweet spot. Moreover, it is able to produce shots of average power because of its size, but it is not as powerful as other squash rackets. However, the CarboFlex 125 is easy to control and it enables the user to work with faster swings.

  • Effortless to maneuver and ensures quick volleys and flick shots due to the weight
  • Tecnifibre 305+ Black 1.2 factory string is long lasting and strong
  • Easier to control with quicker swings

  • Smaller sweet spot makes it unforgiving for shots that hit outside the sweet spot
  • Produces average power

The Tecnifire CarboFlex 125 is a great buy, especially for club players because it has a small sweet spot. Beginners may find difficulty in the fact that this model can be quite unforgiving. However, with this model’s durability, it can be said that it is a great value for one’s money.

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Head Nano Ti 110

Another powerful squash racket in the list is the Head Nano Ti110 Squash Racket which has been constructed from the 100% lightweight Nano-Titanium and carbon construction which increases its durability. It also has an enlarged grommet at the 3 and 9 o’clock position which is able to enlarge the sweet spot and allows production of more power for the racket.

Moreover, it has a head heavy balance since it has a lighter weight of only 110 grams. Head heavy rackets are best for longer games and it also enables additional power. Similar to other squash rackets on this list, it has a head size of 500 square centimeters. In addition to this, the Nano Ti 110 also comes with a powerfan stringing pattern which delivers increased power and a factory string of head synthetic gut. Moreover, it has an open string pattern of 14 x 18 which makes it prone to damage and breakage.

  • Made of 100% Nano-Titanium and carbon construction
  • Enlarged grommet enlarges the sweet spot and add in power as you hit the ball
  • Head heavy rackets are great for longer games and for added power

  • Open string pattern makes the strings easier to break

The Head Nano Ti110 is a basic squash racket with very limited features. There are several other rackets at the same price range, which has better features which means that this model might not be the best value at its price.

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Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 S

Best for Advanced Players

This squash racquet is a fantastic choice for advanced players, being surprisingly powerful. The balance is quite remarkable. To be more precise, it has sufficient weight in the head so that the racquet swings nicely. At the same time, though, it enables you to quickly snap the racquet, in order to generate a good pace.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the feel on contact is excellent. There is a slight vibration in the center, but it’s not too notable.

That being said, this product perfectly balances power, quickness, and maneuverability. That makes it excellent for volleys and drops, as well as shots that necessitate head speed.

We find that this could be the right racquet for players that enjoy a more basic length game, as well.

All these features make this item a versatile, top-quality product, being rather durable, as well. It is surprisingly powerful, considering its weight.

  • Large head size
  • Maximum control
  • Lots of power

  • You’re likely to feel a slight vibration on center hits
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HEAD Micro Gel 145

If you’re looking for a racquet that will improve your game, this could be it. The most amazing feature of this item is the outstanding control you get. At the same time, you get more power, thanks to the teardrop shape of the racquet.

As a matter of fact, this is among the most popular designs. It is excellently fitted for players who are interested in the commanding strike.

At the same time, due to its special silicone-based construction, the responsiveness of the racquet is a given. Of course, the micro-gel and stiff carbon fibers play a role in the responsiveness of the item, as well.

All things considered, the design ensures a uniform stress dispersal, something that most squash players genuinely appreciate. This racquet will definitely help you to upgrade your game so that you smash your competition.

  • The racquet facilitates optimal control of the ball
  • Lower density is translated into a boost of power
  • Reasonable price

  • The stability is jeopardized, in the case of heavy balls
  • Beginners might find this racquet too lightweight
  • It is a tad unbalanced
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Harrow Vapor

The Harrow Vapor is, without fear of contradiction, one of the very best high-performance squash racquets on the market. As a matter of fact, numerous PSA and WISPA pros from all over the world prefer this item over others racquets.

It offers the perfect combination of control and power, for a small frame. It is a top choice for both intermediate and advanced players, due to its maneuverability and power. What is more, it is really responsive.

Nevertheless, we wouldn’t recommend this racquet to beginners, in particular, since it is designated namely for technical players that want to spice up their game.

According to those who have used this racquet in the past, it is quite durable, which justifies the high price tag. While this could be seen as a disadvantage, it’s worth noting that the quality of the racquet is definitely superior.

Weighing 140 grams, the Harrow Vapor is a genuinely versatile racket, which ensures a great squash performance time after time.

  • Great for intermediate and advanced players
  • You get both power and freedom with every movement
  • Outstanding maneuverability

  • It isn’t the best fit for beginners
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Head Graphene Xenon 135

Best for Control

The primary features of the Xenon 135 are unmatched control, optimal power, and stability. That is accomplished due to the string pattern and smaller head. In the meantime, the head heavy balance has a direct impact on the stability element.

That makes the Xenon 135 ideal for a playing style that involves a lot of preparation. However, you can definitely allow the racquet to do its job – as it goes through the shoot surprisingly smooth. Nevertheless, on impact, it is really solid.

At the same time, though, you should bear in mind that it’s not easy to execute a range of fast flicks as you use your wrists – as you do during volleying.

Being made of graphene, which is renowned as one of the most lightweight and strong materials, the weight is evenly distributed. All these aspects make this product a great control racquet. You’ll be able to hit the ball hard, with minimum effort. Once again, though, this racquet is better fitted for more experienced users.

  • Optimal control in the case of deep shots, in particular
  • The racquet does a lot of the work for you
  • It helps you improve your short shots thanks to the heavy head balance

  • One user noted that he encountered problems with the grommets, as four of them broke down. Still, the customer support department was eager to help.
  • It is tough to make wrist movements, at the last minute
  • When played extensively, it can be tiring on the arm
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Head Cyano 2 115

Best Lightweight

This is a terrific racquet that feels great during the game. Probably, the best part about it is that it delivers outstanding results when it comes to power. What does this entail?

To be more precise, the balls have more power behind them. In plain English, this is a racquet that can seriously help you to generate power. As for the feel on contact, it was decent, as well. The solid feel is something we enjoyed, in particular.

According to the manufacturer, a considerable part of the racquet’s weight is distributed to the head. This is the main element that contributes to the solid feel experienced on contact.

As we already noted, this racquet is really lightweight, as it weighs 115 grams only. Nevertheless, since the balance is head heavy, there are no significant drawbacks when it comes to power. Also, thanks to the fact that it is lightweight, maneuvering the racquet is so easy. Evidently, this makes it perfect for volley.

That being said, since this racquet is good on the volley and generates a lot of power, it is a good option for players that enjoy lightweight racquets. Not to mention that it features state-of-the-art technology and construction.

  • Really lightweight
  • It generates a lot of power
  • Good value

  • Not recommended for beginners, due to the heads square handle
  • It is not the most durable racquet we tested; some users reported that after using the racquet for a few months, it broke down.
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Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 Basaltex

Best for Beginners

We can say that we have been impressed by the performance of this squash racquet. Presumably, the most noteworthy characteristic of this racquet is its weight. It weighs 130 grams, having a slightly heavy head balance.

The weight combined with the heavy head balance means this racquet is quite easy to play with. What is more, for a 130-gram racquet, it is surprisingly powerful, which is always a good thing, especially for players who want to surpass their limits.

Racquets that are a bit too heavy could be tiring on the hand. At the same time, they might be slow on the volley.

On the other side, this racquet balances the right features. It is lightweight enough so that you’ll find it quickly on the volley. However, its heavy head balance is on point, so that you get the right pace on your drives.

  • Outstanding power and maneuverability
  • Excellent customer support
  • It can help you improve your game
  • Durable and sturdy construction

  • No notable drawbacks, as far as we’re concerned
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Prince TT Sovereign Prestrung

Another reasonably priced is the Prince TT Sovereign Prestrung Squash Racket which has been made to optimize power and control. It is a heavy squash racket at 135 grams without the strings which makes it hard to control. It has an even balance which ensures a great balance in power and control and it has a head size of 74.5 square inches.

The Prince TT Sovereign has an Innovative Power Ring feature which is able to produce a longer and more uniform string length. In addition to this, it has a Triple Threat Tungsten design which guarantees a more stable frame and a Power Scoop shaft which makes a full-frame stiffness to produce more power.

However, the frame is actually less durable than advertised as the frame easily breaks when you use it. Moreover, it has a smaller sweet spot which makes it more unforgiving when the ball hits outside the zone.

  • Innovative Power Ring feature which is able to produce a longer, more uniform string lengths
  • Triple Threat Tungsten design which guarantees a more stable frame
  • Power Scoop shaft which makes a full-frame stiffness to produce more power

  • Smaller sweet spot makes it unforgiving when the ball hits outside the zone
  • Not durable

Prince TT Sovereign Prestrung promises several features that will ensure the durability of the model, but it does not deliver when it comes to the quality as it easily breaks as you use it. The durability of the racket is very vital since the user should not settle on a product that could not last long.

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Dunlop Blaze Pro

The cheapest model in this list comes from the Dunlop line as the Dunlop Blaze Pro Squash Racket costs less than fifty dollars. Despite the cheap price tag, it also comes with a year’s worth of warranty. In addition to this, the frame is made of graphite alloy which makes it ductile and strong.

It is a heavy racket as the Blaze Pro weights 180 grams and it has a head light balance because rackets with a head light balance are more common among squash rackets with a heavier weight. Since it is a head light racket, players would find it easier to maneuver since a bigger part of its mass is found around the handle and this is great for players who enjoy fast volleys and flick shots.

Moreover, it has a head size of 500 square centimeters and an open string pattern of 14 x 20 which makes the string more prone to breakage. In addition to this, it comes with full cover of protection. However, despite the fact that this model can produce powerful shots because of its heavier weight, it is harder to control and swing the racket.

  • Cheap
  • Frame made of graphite alloy makes it ductile and strong
  • Easy to move because of the head light balance
  • Heavy weight enables it to produce more powerful shots

  • Hard to control because of its weight

The Dunlop Blaze Pro is a good purchase for those who are not willing to spend a lot on a racket. It might not be meant for professional squash players, but it is a great racket for those who would wish to begin playing the sport.

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In conclusion, there are various squash rackets available for different types of players. Choosing a racket should be based entirely on the preference of the user as each kind of racket will provide various kinds of benefits and the player must be able to gauge which type of benefit is most fitting for them. Before making a final purchase, carry that squash racket, and swing it around to see if it is the perfect one for you.