Picking out the right squash racket is the key to improving your game. The most important considerations are weight, size, grip, spring and stiffness. A racket’s grip will inevitably influence your performance.

The grip is linked with comfort – that is to say, if the grip of a racket is excellent, this will maximize your comfort during each game. This means you can direct your focus towards winning.

best squash racket grips
Competitive games such as squash and tennis entail the use of rackets with outstanding grip. The reason for this is that, during the game, you are likely to sweat and lose grip of the racket.
If you feel that you cannot hold the racket as you should, then it’s high time you replace the grip.

The best thing about this is that you can customize your racket and choose a grip that addresses the individual needs of the sport.

Squash Grips Rating

ImageModel NamePriceOur RatingAvailability
Karakal PU DUOKarakal PU DUO$$5 Star
Tourna Dry FeelTourna Dry Feel$$4.5 Star
Yonex Super GrapYonex Super Grap$4.5 Star
Fairway Leather GripFairway Leather Grip$$$4.5 Star

Types of Squash Grips

To start with, each racket comes with a stock factory grip. If you want to enhance the sweat absorption, you might consider placing an overgrip on top of that. Nevertheless, this is entirely up to you.
At the same time, you can up the size of the grip if your hands are large and you want to feel more comfortable and in control during the game.

Evidently, different types of grips facilitate distinct levels of comfort to players. The most noteworthy benefits linked to grips are the following: adjustable thickness, improved absorbance, durability, and self-pasting.

That being said, there are three primary types of squash grips.

Soft grips

It would be safe to say that soft grips are among the most popular ones. That’s because they are an in-between solution. They offer a medium level of grip. Additionally, many times, they are utilized as thicker overgrips. Another option would be to use them as thin replacement grips.

On that note, numerous squash players choose them in order to build up their grips, or provide extra comfort, cushioning and absorbency.

squash racket and ball


As the name already implies, overgrips are the ones you place on your existing grips. You can also use them instead of your original grip. Conversely, if you tend to sweat a lot on the court, an overgrip will definitely help, as well.

Nevertheless, you should keep an eye out for over sticky materials. You should pick the one that addresses your needs best, of course.

Replacement grips

Moving on, replacement grips are used in the case in which your original grip has worn out. That is to say, you change the original grip with another one that is either similar or a bit different.

Our Recommendations for the Best Squash Grips in 2018

Karakal PU DUO Super Grip

The Karakal PU DUO Super Grip is considered a top choice by the majority of squash players. And this is due to various reasons.

It can enhance your performance, thanks to the thick feel it has. Additionally, it feels really comfortable.

Since it has a universal length, it is quite versatile – meaning that you can use it for squash, tennis, racquetball, and badminton. Hence, if you are a fan of more than one sport, these will do.

Moving on, if you have the tendency of sweating a lot during a squash game, you should know that this grip is up to the challenge. In other words, in spite of the sweat, it still holds firmly.
Meanwhile, the grip is quite soft, which has a lot to do with comfort.

What is our verdict? We really like this grip. We believe that it is well worth its cost, and it lives up to the expectations.

As a potential downside, we would have liked it if we could choose the color of the grip. Still, even though this would have been a great option, it doesn’t impair the overall quality of the product. So, it isn’t necessarily a significant issue.

However, we did notice that the grip has a slight tendency of discoloration. So, with extensive use, we belive that the original color will inevitably fade.

  • It provides sufficient friction and absorption
  • It facilitates optimal control
  • It is easy to install
  • It works perfectly for both racquetball and squash rackets
  • Excellent cushioning
  • You don’t have the option to choose your preferred colors
  • The colors are prone to fade with extensive use
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Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel

Best for Sweaty Hands

If you usually sweat a lot when playing squash, then this grip will definitely address your problem. For starters, it is really easy to put on, while being really comfortable and easy to use.

This is a renowned manufacturer that has far-reaching experience with manufacturing top-quality grips. As a result, the majority of tennis professionals choose Tourna Grip, since it is one of the very best the market has to offer.

Thanks to the construction of the grip, it wicks moisture as opposed to backing it into your hands, which would inevitably lead to slippage. There are plenty of tacky grips that slip as soon as you start to sweat.

It goes without saying that this will impair both your comfort and performance on the court.

The only disadvantage we could think of is that this grip wears out really quickly. Still, this applies to most grips. That being said, we would recommend you buy it in bulk – especially if you play squash on a regular basis.

Still, since a pack includes 10 grips, this means you don’t have to worry about this aspect for a while, at the very least. Plus, did you know that the majority of touring pros use these grips? We can definitely understand why!

  • It maintains the hands dry
  • It is easy to use
  • It increases your control of the ball
  • Different sizes to choose from
  • It wears out pretty quickly; which is why it’s recommended to buy in bulk
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Yonex Super Grap Overgrip

Best Squash Racket Overgrip

If you’d rather choose an overgrip, you should definitely factor this in. If you prefer a grip that isn’t too tacky, this one might be just comfortable enough for you.

We liked that it was really easy to put on and take off. Believe it or not, this isn’t the case with every overgrip. As for its texture, it was just right – we didn’t encounter any slipping incidents, even after strenuous, long games of squash.

At the same time, we liked that this overgrip actually preserved its original texture for an extended timeframe. As we’ve noted beforehand, most grips tend to wear out with every use.
That is to say, out of the many overgrips we’ve tested, this one ranked highest in this view.

Moving on to color options, we appreciated that there are so many colors to choose from. This means you can customize your racket depending on your style and preference, without any restrictions whatsoever.

Concurrently, this grip is excellent even for hot, humid weather. Hence, if this seems familiar to you, you might want to give it a try and see if it meets your needs.

  • Suitable for hot, humid weather
  • It retains its original stickiness for a while
  • It is durable
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Some people said that the overgrip isn’t as sticky as they expected it to be
  • The colors look different in real life, in comparison to the pictures
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Fairway Leather Replacement Grip

If you prefer a more natural type of grip, then a leather squash racket grip might be just what you need. The best thing about leather is the fact that it is more durable than synthetic materials.

At the same time, it has a specific flexibility and firmness to it. This is of great importance for a controlled, powerful game.

Meanwhile, we also liked that its grip is so soft to the touch.

What about the application process – is this grip easy to apply or not?

Since we’re talking about a well-made, high-quality product, the installation process is to the point – meaning that there’s nothing to worry about in this respect.

Moving on, we’ve tested this grip during extreme conditions and hard play. All in all, we would wholeheartedly recommend you this grip if you’re into leather.

The finishing is really smooth and nice, having the perfect blend of flexibility and firmness. Still, as you might expect, the price tag is higher than in the case of other grips made of synthetic materials.

  • Easy to apply
  • Smooth finish
  • It works great for heavy-duty games
  • The perfect balance of firmness and flexibility
  • It is on the expensive side
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To conclude, a racket’s grip is just as important as any other characteristic. As a matter of fact, it would be safe to say that it is one of the most significant features that influence your performance on the court.

That being said, you should do your research and choose the best products for you; this way, you can continue to improve your game time after time!