There are several equipments needed when you play squash professionally. One would need a squash racket, squash ball, squash shoes, and change of clothes whenever you play squash. It is impossible to go into a squash court without a bag to conveniently hold all these things together.

best squash bag

There are various kinds of squash bags available on the market, but which squash bag is the best this 2019?

Squash Racquet Bags List

ImageModel NamePriceOur RatingAvailability
Tecnifibre 12RTecnifibre 12R$$5 Star
Harrow 3 Racquet Bag Harrow 3 Racquet Bag $$5 Star
HEAD Tour Team 6R Combi Tennis BagHEAD Tour Team 6R Combi Tennis Bag$$4.5 Star
Squash Galaxy Deluxe ClubSquash Galaxy Deluxe Club$$4.5 Star
Salming ProTour12RSalming ProTour12R$$4 Star

Buying Guide

Types of Squash Bag

Since there are several options available, the user should consider the quality, the durability, the size, the convenience, the weight, the price, and the appearance of the squash bag. If you want your squash bag to have an extended life, it is better if you consider the features of the bag before making a purchase.

In addition to this, there are several kinds of squash bag that you can choose from. These four are the most common type of squash bag today:

  • Shoulder Bag – The shoulder bag is spacious enough to fit all your squash equipments and it can be used with a single strap or a double strap. It is also usually worn over the shoulder.
  • Backpack – Backpacks are smaller in size than a shoulder bag, so the handle of the squash racket usually needs to stick out of this kind of bag to maximize the space.
  • Duffel Bag – The duffel bag is more similar to the usual gym bags and can conveniently fit all your things.
  • Travel Bag – A travel bag ensures portability of squash apparatus when travelling.

Top 5 Squash Bag: Product Review

Tecnifibre 12R

The 12R squash bags under the “Green squash bag series” are manufactured by Technifibre, which are very comfortable and solve every need of the player completely. They are not just convenient and spacious but stylish too. They come in green color.

The product 12R comes in a dimension of 30*13*3.5 inches, and it weighs 2 pounds. It is very spacious and comes with three main compartments: one compartment dedicated for shoe and one compartment with a box designed specifically for squash eyewear and squash balls each.

In addition, this bag has two other compartments for your sports accessories too like gear, shoes and even tiny things like keys, which are prone to go missing. In this model, ventilation is ensured by small perforations in the front side of the bag. This is known as the “Air-flow” technology. The handles of the bag are double-padded, hence are comfortable while carrying.

  • Very spacious and can fit the rackets completely
  • Air-flow technology keeps the bag fresh all day along
  • Multiple compartments facilitating easy, quick, and tidy organization of the accessories
  • Separate compartment for your eyewear, thus protecting the accessory from scratches
  • The product is on the expensive side
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Harrow 3

Best Lightweight

This is another durable squash bag, which is made of 800 denier material. Still, aside from its durability, it is quite lightweight, as well. That means it won’t add unnecessary weight to the load you usually carry.

Additionally, it has a nice deal of pockets. To be more precise, there is a separate pocket for balls, a vented compartment for keeping your shoes, another one for personal stuff, and of course, a compartment for the racquet.

While the compartmentalization of the bag is nice, perhaps it would be more practical if more pockets were added.

The good, thing, however, is that this is a roomy bag, without being too large or heavy. This would make it great for children, as well.

  • Really lightweight construction – it weighs 1.1 pounds
  • Good product for the price
  • Suitably sized
  • While the design of the bag is on point, there isn’t any divider between racquets.
  • According to some users, the bag could do with more pockets.
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HEAD Tour Team 6R

This squash bag manufactured by Head Tour Team has a six racquet capacity, which makes it genuinely spacious. That being said, you could effortlessly accommodate six racquets in it.

However, if you were to carry six racquets, that wouldn’t leave much space for anything else. So, do bear this in mind – this bag doesn’t accommodate your necessary gear plus six squash racquets. You could add 3 racquets, shoes, balls, extra shirts, and other gear and equipment easily, though.

We’re highlighting this so that your expectations of the product aren’t unrealistic.

As for the construction of the bag, we would say it is durable and solid. That means it will safely carry your racquets and sporting gear and goods. In other words, this bag allows you to transport everything you need both securely and comfortably.

One of the drawbacks of this bag is that the quality of the zippers is subpar. It was noted by some users that the zipper build is far from being the best.

  • Well-made product
  • Separate temperature insulated section, designated for storing your racquets
  • Durability
  • The zipper quality is inferior
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Squash Galaxy Deluxe Club

The Squash Galaxy Deluxe Club Squash Bag is manufactured by Python Racquetball and is of very good quality. This bag is designed to be well-spacious and can accommodate a lot of sports accessories, but at the same time, it does not seem or feel bulky.

The bag comes with three main compartments that let you organize your sports stuff better. One of the main compartments that can fit in all clothes is well-ventilated, and the two others are racquet pockets, on the side. It also has five other compartments meant for other sports accessories.

One of them, which are meant for squash shoes, is again well-ventilated. The others are for eye guard, balls, and two other pouches that can help carry anything you want. The side pockets come with patented extra padded leather for extra protection of the racquet. This bag can be worn in two ways or as a backpack too.

The bag comes in the dimensions of 30*14*4 inches, and it weighs 2.7 pounds.

  • Spacious compartments for excellent organization
  • Well-ventilated, enough to keep the things inside the bag fresh
  • This bag can be worn in two ways
  • A little on the expensive side
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Salming ProTour12R

The ProTour 12R Racquet Bag is manufactured by Salming and is available in black and red colors. This bag is the perfect choice for professional squash players as it comes with an extra room for the accessories. This bag can be worn also as a backpack, which makes it extremely easy and comfortable to be carried, irrespective of the weight put into the bag.

The ProTour 12R Racquet Bag can totally accommodate up to 12 squash racquets. Each compartment can take up to 4 racquets. The bag is spacious enough to take in your sports shoes, clothes, and gear. It also comes with an extra pouch that can be used to organize smaller things.

The bag has three main compartments, and one of the main racquet compartments is equipped with thermo-lining in order to protect the racquet during temperature fluctuations.

The product has a dimension of 33*14*5, and it weighs 2.2 pounds. The bag is bigger than what one can expect.

  • Very spacious and can fit in all your squash accessories conveniently
  • Thermo-lining is there to protect your racquet during low temperature
  • Comfortable to carry as it can be worn as a backpack
  • This bag is on the expensive side
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In conclusion, squash bags are made to hold your things together as you play. It is also a place where you can ensure safekeeping of your squash equipments. The perfect squash bag is not dependent on the appearance of the item. When purchasing a squash bag, it is better to check the size, the capacity, and the durability of the unit before you make a purchase. The squash bag should also be light to carry and it should provide convenience to the user.