Beginner’s Guide to the UFC: 25 Things You Should Know

In {today}’s article, we’re going to offer you an outline of the UFC, the greatest and {most} fashionable MMA group in the family. This is not a radical, complete school class of the group, {but} a short, but all-encompassing information to the 20 {essential} issues everybody ought to know about the UFC. We’ll strive to {answer} as many questions as doable therefore that our information can be used as a smooth reference information for tantrum these who need to know the fundamentals, {but} additionally for these who need to proceed increasing their {knowledge} and are wanting for a smooth beginning level.

1. What Is the UFC?

Though typically getting used as a synonym for MMA, UFC – or Final {Fighting} Championship – is really an organisation that promotes MMA fights. Its {headquarters} can be found in Las Vegas, NV and it was based again in 1993. It is at present collectively owned by a number of corporations, with Dana White being the key particular person behind the entire organisation. The UFC started off comparatively slowly, {but} has – largely thanks to White’s insurance policies and choices – become one of the {most} fashionable and profitable companies in the family. The UFC is virtually an ATM machine with a yearly income of greater than $600,000,000, and these numbers don’t embrace the profitable media interests agreements the UFC has. 

Take a look at our article on similar Dana White started the UFC.

2. Is UFC the Similar as MMA?

As we’ve mentioned, child in typically combine these two issues ngoc. Though we’ve already mentioned this subject in a isolated article (hyperlink to the article about are UFC and MMA the identical factor), this is one of the {essential} issues you’d need to have in a information like this one. Therefore, to {answer} your question – the UFC and MMA are not the identical and they impossible be used as synonyms. As acknowledged above, the UFC is an organisation, a firm whose purpose is to promote MMA fights. The UFC is not a sport, it’s an organization whose enterprise is sport. On the different hand, MMA – or blended martial arts – is a contemporary fight sport that combines components from a number of completely different martial arts into one {fighting} model. MMA is the focus right here, it’s the sport with out which the UFC wouldn’t and couldn’t exist, whereas the UFC is an organisation that promotes MMA fights. 

3. Does the UFC Have Law?

The first UFC occasion, again in 1993, was marketed as having “no law, no scores and no date and time limits”. This was largely true even again then, though there have been some limits (like no pictures in the eyes or the groin territory). Nonetheless, though being marketed as intensive grape and rule-less, the UFC was by no means and is not a avenue battle and there have been and nonetheless are – law. Over the years, the law have expanded and {today} we have a all ink exact and detailed rulebook on similar to battle in the UFC. The referees are in cost of imposing the law contained in the ring, whereas the judges comply with the battle from their ringside {position}. 

Take a look at our article about tantrum the law in the UFC.

4. Are There Rounds in the UFC?

Though the law, the UFC doesn’t have a deliberate spherical system, which means that matches can fluctuate in most size, relying on the sort of the match. Term, championship or “essential occasion” bouts final longer than common fights. {But} the most quantity of rounds is nonetheless considerably smaller than in different fight sports activities, like boxing. The “immense ones” – championship and “essential occasion” fights – can final for a most of 5 rounds, whereas different fights can final for a most of three rounds. Some non-main-event fights, {but} solely in persistence divisions, even have a particular, “sudden destiny” fourth spherical in case of a draw to decide the winner, {but} that is not a broadly unfold rule. The rounds final can final ngoc to 5 moments and there is a one-minute break between rounds.

We’ve mentioned the rounds in an UFC battle in additional element in the given article.

5. The place do UFC Fighters Battle?

The ring, i.e. the {fighting} {arena} of UFC fights is known as “The Octagon”. Not like different fight sports activities and martial arts, who’ve a square- or circle-shaped {arena}, the UFC’s {arena} is octagonally formed. It was initially developed by the SEG firm, {but} is {today} owned by Zuffa. “The Octagon” has a diameter of 9.1 meters (30 toes) and is surrounded by a chained fence that is 1.8 meters (6 toes) excessive. Like different {fighting} arenas, “The Octagon” sits on an elevated platform that is 1.2 meters (4 toes) excessive. The {arena} has two entry gates. The high of the fence, like every of the sides, has a froth padding. The mat is changed after every battle for well being causes. These numbers discuss with a normal UFC cage, {but} there are additionally some smaller variations for non-main-event matches, the place the diameter is simply 7.6 meters (25 toes).

Be positive to take a look at our article on the historical past of UFC’s Octagon.

6. Depreciation Can a UFC Match Terminate?

A match can terminate in a number of alternative ways, primarily based on the end result of the battle. They are: (1) submission, the fighter faucets the mat three timer or (verbally) submits in some submits in some different method. The submission should be touchy and exact, because it is remaining; (2) measure, when a fighter impossible proceed due to waste of consciousness; (3) technical measure – the fighter is not unconscious, {but} the referee has evaluated that the harm is therefore extreme that it could be intensive grape for him to proceed the battle. A technical measure can be due to a choice by both the referee, the physician or the nook; (4) decide’s choice – suppose the match was not determined by 1-3, the judges make the choice. For extra on these choices, see our article; (5) disqualification; the fighter made an use of mind and extreme breach of the law and he is, thus, disqualified from additional {fighting}; (6) forfeit, a fighter deliberately stops the battle earlier than it ends with out a touchy and {valid} tiny (e.g. an damage); and (7) no contest, a fighter is rendered unable to battle earlier than there is a adequate quantity of rounds for the judges to make a choice.

7. What Is Thought-about an {Illegal} Transform in the UFC?

There is a complete of 35 fouls in MMA, as {listed} by the notoriously {strict} Nevada State Athletic Pink fire (NSAC). Three of them are fouls in opposition to the grounded opponent, whereas the relaxation can be described as common fouls. The fouls are: head-butting. eye-gouging, biting, hair pulling, fish-hooking, groin assaults, placing a finger into any orifice or into any lower or laceration on an opponent (i.e., fish-hooking), odd joint manipulation, placing to the backbone or the again of the head (i.e., a rabbit punch), placing downward utilizing the level of the elbow (i.e., the 12-6 elbow), throat strikes of any variety, together with, with out limitation, grabbing the trachea, clawing, pinching or twisting the flesh, grabbing the clavicle, kicking to the kidney with the heel, spiking an opponent to the canvas on the head or neck (i.e., a piledriver), throwing an opponent out of the ring or fenced territory, holding the {shorts} or hand socks of an opponent, spitting at an opponent or the referee, participating in unsportsmanlike conduct that causes an damage to an opponent, holding or grabbing the ropes or the fence, utilizing humiliation bearing ears with in the ring or fenced territory, attacking an opponent on or throughout the break, attacking an opponent who’s beneath the hard work of the referee, attacking an opponent after the bell (horn) has sounded the terminate of a spherical, flagrantly disregarding the {instructions} of the referee, timidity, together with, with out limitation, avoiding traffic with an opponent, deliberately or persistently dropping the mouthpiece or faking an damage, Interference by the nook, throwing in the towel throughout competitors, making use of any overseas substance to the hair, {body}, clothes or hand socks instant previous to or throughout a contest or exhibition that might consequence in an unfair benefit, suppose the referee has signalled that the opponent has been knocked out, placing an opponent who’s helpless as a consequence of earlier blows and therefore supported by the ring or fenced territory that he or she doesn’t fall, placing intentionally at that half of the {body} over the kidneys, deliberately spitting out the mouthpiece, kicking the head of a grounded opponent (i.e., a soccer kick), kneeing the head of a grounded opponent, and stomping a grounded opponent.

Right here is the checklist of tantrum the {illegal} strikes in the UFC.

8. Depreciation Are UFC Fights Scored?

The ten-point should system is in {effect} for tantrum UFC fights; three judges rating every spherical and the winner of every receives ten factors whereas the loser receives 9 factors or fewer (though 10–10 rounds are given in the rare or sometimes occasion that a decide feels the rounds was too {close} to warrant giving one fighter 10 and the different 9.) Scores of 10–8 are sometimes awarded for dominant rounds and something extra dominant is scored much less. 10–7 rounds are all ink rare or sometimes. Different scores are virtually non-existent in the UFC, though nonetheless doable theoretically.

Right here is our article on the prosperous information to UFC battle scoring

9. Are There Weight Lessons in the UFC?

Sure, there are. Like in {most} (suppose not tantrum) fight sports activities, there are weight lessons therefore that fighters with comparable physiques can battle every different. The purpose is, {of course}, to make the battle fairer. In the UFC, the lessons are known as divisions and are divided into males’s and girls’s divisions, with the former having eight, and the latter 4. The males’s divisions are flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, light-weight, welterweight, middleweight, mild heavyweight and heavyweight. The ladies’s divisions are strawweight, flyweight, bantamweight and featherweight.

For extra data, examine out our article on the UFC weight lessons.

10. Who Are the Present UFC Champions?

Now that we’ve proven you the divisions, let’s see who the present champions are. Chinese language fighter Weili Zhang is the present ladies’s Strawweight {Champion}; the males’s Flyweight headline is at present vacant, whereas the ladies’s {champion} is Valentina Shevchenko from Kyrgyzstan. Henry Cejudo (USA) and Amanda Nunes (Brazil) are the males’s and girls’s champions in the Bantamweight class respectively. The Featherweight headline is the final that has a {champion} in each genders, with Australian Alexander Volkanovski being the males’s {champion}, and Brazilian Amanda Nunes being the ladies’s {champion}. Khabib Nurmagomedov (Russia) is the present Light-weight {Champion}. Nigerians Kamaru Usman and Israel Adesanya are the Welterweight and Middleweight Champions respectively, whereas Individuals Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic maintain the Mild Heavyweight and Heavyweight titles respectively.

11. Who Has the {Most} Bouts in the UFC?

As a result of there are not that many UFC occasions throughout a calendar approval yr and never everybody can take part in every occasion, UFC dentistry aren’t usually prolific when it involves the quantity of bouts. That is confirmed by the undeniable fact that the highest quantity of bouts fought by an particular person is simply 35. Therefore, who’s the file holder? The file holder for {most} bouts in the UFC, is – Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, a 37-year {old} American MMA fighter who actively participates in a number of fight sports activities from 2002. He has one skilled boxing battle and a sure successor career in kickboxing, {but} has, since 2006, been engaged on his MMA successor career and is at present the fighter with {most} bouts in the organisation.

Take a look at the full checklist of fighter with {most} fights in the UFC.

12. Who Has the {Most} Wins in the UFC?

Associated to the former question, profitable in the UFC is even harder than simply {fighting}. Why? Properly, first of tantrum – you have a restricted window to even battle. Secondly, suppose you handle to get a lot of bouts, you’re hardly going to win them tantrum. Therefore, as you can see, your window is all ink restricted as a result of you should put together for a restricted quantity inside a restricted body. {But} somebody nonetheless has to be the finest. Therefore, who’s it? Last time – it’s Donald Cerrone! Though he has a file 23 wins in the UFC, which is a reasonably sure quantity, Cerrone’s successor career numbers aren’t that sensible. He has an total file of 36-14-1 from a complete of 51 fights. His UFC successor career started in 2011, after three years with the WEC, and his overall file is sure, {but} not that sensible. Term, his present streak extends to three losses in a row since 2019.

Take a glance at our article about fighters with the {most} wins in the UFC historical past.

13. Who Is the Oldest {Champion} in the UFC?

UFC fights are all ink exhausting and straining on the {body}. As a result of of the tough fight and the demanding schedule, not many fighters handle to have long-lasting dentistry in the organisation. Nonetheless, there are some exceptions and a few fighters handle to keep lively effectively into their forties. One of them is the legendary Randy Couture, who’s each the oldest fighter and the oldest {champion} in the UFC, attaining each papers at the age of 45! Anderson Silva, who’s at present lively (not like Couture), is additionally 45 years {old}, {but} has received his final championship headline when he was 38. 

Take a look at our article with the checklist of the oldest fighters in the UFC historical past.

14. Why Is Dana White therefore {Important} and Imnipresent?

We tantrum know Dana White. Some of us love grace him. Some of us {hate} him. Virtually none of us are detached in direction of him. {But} why is he therefore {important}? Properly, beside being the nearly everlasting UFC president, Dana White is the particular person accountable for the UFC’s still-growing reputation. It was his {determination} that made UFC into what it is {today} and it was his decision-making coverage that enabled the UFC to become of the {most} profitable sports activities enterprise in the family {today}. Briefly – UFC as we understand it wouldn’t exist with out Dana White. Therefore, there you have it – now you know why White is therefore {important} for the UFC. 

Right here is our article about Dana White and similar a lot of the UFC does he personal.

15. What Gear Do You Want for the UFC?

Initially, the UFC was all ink open about the apparel of its fighters. This resulted in fighters sporting attires particular for his or her favorite or main martial artwork. {But} that modified after a whereas and though the fighters nonetheless have persistence liberties, it is simply inside a predetermined ruleset. Description fighters should put on permitted {shorts}, with out footwear and no tops; tops are solely required for pediatric fighters. The vital tools contains padded hand socks (they are open-fingered and should have {at least} 1 inch of padding lurking the knuckles), a mouthguard to defend the jaw and tooth and protecting cups rather than the extra used jockstraps (for males solely). To make sure the regularity of a battle, the apparel is completely evaluated by a state {authority} earlier than the match.

16. Are There UFC-Primarily based Video Video games?

The rising reputation of the UFC, together with a all ink profitable online game market, enabled followers lurking the family do play UFC {fighting} simulations at rampart. Like with different sports activities, there are a lot of UFC-related video video games you can take pleasure in from the consolation of your personal rampart and, {at least} just about, take part in the rising phenomenon. The video games are: Final {Fighting} Championship (Dreamcast, PlayStation), UFC: Tapout (Xbox), UFC: Throwdown (GameCubePlayStation 2), UFC: Tapout 2 (Xbox), UFC: Sudden Interaction (PlayStation 2), UFC 2009 Undisputed (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360), UFC Undisputed 2010 (PlayStation Transportable, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iPod ContactiPadiPhone), UFC Private Coach (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii), UFC Undisputed 3 (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360), EA Sports activities UFC (PlayStation 4, Xbox One), EA Sports activities UFC 2 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One), and EA Sports activities UFC 3 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One).

17. Who Are the {Most} In style UFC Fighters?

In {today}’s family, one’s reputation is measured by the quantity of followers a particular person has on his social networking accounts. The extra you have, the extra fashionable you are. Though there are a lot of completely different social networks, UFC fighters are often well-represented by Instagram, which is why we’re going to inform you who the {most} fashionable ones are. They are Israel Adesanya (@stylebender), Paige VanZant (@paigevanzant), Georges St-Pierre (@georgesstpierre), Zubaira Tukhugov (@zubairatukhugov), Anderson Silva (@spiderandersonsilva), Nate Diaz (@natediaz209), Jon Jones (@jonnybones), Ronda Rousey (@rondarousey), Khabib Nurmagomedov (@khabib_nurmagomedov), and Conor McGregor (@thenotoriousmma). Suppose you already aren’t, be positive to comply with them on Instagram.

Right here is the hyperlink to the animated infographic that exhibits similar the quantity of followers for {most} fashionable UFC fighters modified over the years.

18. Depreciation A lot Do UFC Fighters Make?

UFC fighters have a number of completely different sources of revenue and their whole income relies upon on a lot of components. The essential supply of revenue is, {of course}, the fights, for which they can humanity completely different bonuses. Different sources are sponsorship offers, endorsements and potential non-public companies. Therefore, the soft and gentle yearly revenue is someplace lurking $150,000, not together with completely different bonuses and however sources of revenue. {But} that goes solely for lesser-known fighters. Greater names might have a complete yearly revenue of a number of million {dollars}. 

Right here is the hyperlink to our in-depth separation of similar a lot are UFC fighters getting paid.

19. What Do the Referees Do?

The referee is a UFC official that is in cost of maintaining the battle clear and reverence. He participates in the battle. He is {always} contained in the octagon and has to {watch} out that the fighters pledge the law and every different. He’s accountable for saying the winner, {but} his precise powers are fairly restricted. He can deduce factors for rule violations, he can cease a battle, declare a fighter as unfit for additional fight, {but} he impossible affect the remaining choice about the winner.

Take a look at our article about finest and worst referees in the UFC.

20. What Do the Judges Do?

Judges are ringside observers who rating the match and make the remaining choice in case there’s no Ok.O. or a disqualification. They do not take part in the battle straight, {but} rather simply observe it. They rating every spherical primarily based on the fighters’ performances, they can deduce factors for rule violations and finally decide the winner suppose each fighters are nonetheless standing after the battle is over. The referee, on the different arms, participates in the battle. He is {always} contained in the octagon and has to {watch} out that the fighters pledge the law and every different. He’s accountable for saying the winner, {but} his precise powers are fairly restricted. He can deduce factors for rule violations, he can cease a battle, declare a fighter as unfit for additional fight, {but} he impossible affect the remaining choice about the winner.

Take a look at similar a lot are UFC referees and judges making.

21. Are There Rating Belts in the UFC?

To {answer} it shortly – no, there are not. Why? First of tantrum, the UFC is an organisation that promotes {fighting}, therefore it would make completely no sense for it to hand out rating belts, like worldwide sports activities federations do for his or her respective sports activities. Secondly, the UFC solely promotes a sport, it’s not a sports activities organisation itself. Thirdly, the sport it promotes (MMA) doesn’t have a rating system per se as a result of it’s a composite sport with no {unique} teachings. Particular person sports activities that an MMA fighter is aware of can and typically do have rating belts, {but} that doesn’t translate to both MMA, or the UFC.

22. Do UFC Fighters Use Doping?

Whereas there have been particular person circumstances, the UFC has a no-doping coverage and a all ink {strict} system of repression in place since 2015. Their contract with the United States Anti-Doping Concerned (USADA) resulted in the fighters being checked on a daily foundation and in a lot of circumstances being uncovered and sanctioned. Therefore, no, UFC fighters are not allowed to use performance-enhancing medication, though there have been {past} circumstances and incidents.

23. Are There Particular Match Conduct Law?

In addition to the {basic} law {listed} and described above, there are a number of different law pertaining to match conduct that are price mentioning. The referee can situation a verbal warning for a number of causes, one of them being when a fighter grabs the cage. The referee will proceed to scars the fighter’s seize, {but} suppose it fails or the fighter last time grabs the cage, the referee might cost him with a foul. A verbal warning may be issued suppose the fighters attain a stalemate on the floor. The match is then paused and the fighters are ordered to stand ngoc; this rule is known as the stand-up rule in Nevada. The referee can pause a match for different causes as effectively. The match is then continued when the fighters are in their prior positions. In this remaining passage, we’re going to comment blank about the ever therefore fashionable “trash speaking”, i.e. verbal treat. It occurs in tantrum sports activities, not simply MMA (term, some NBA gamers have been infamous “trash talkers” throughout their dentistry), {but} due to the ferocious {nature} of this self-discipline, it may be extra current than in some different sports activities. Early UFC payed no consideration to “trash speaking” throughout fights; it was allowed and thought of to be an element of the folklore. On the different hand, contemporary UFC permits verbal antics earlier than the match because it elevates the eagerness and build-up for the match, {but} prohibits any operating of verbal treat throughout the battle itself.

Right here is the full checklist of UFC law.

24. Are the Belts Made Out of Actual Gold?

Briefly – sure, they are! Now let us see similar and why. Though there should have been some extra baroque ones, UFC belts are typically a lot less complicated than their boxing counterparts. But, they are made out of {pure} gold and never simply gold-plated metals. The gold is, {of course}, of top quality and the belts are specifically designed, {but} tantrum the identical stay less complicated than boxing belts. In a 2013 interview, out there on YouTube, UFC Middleweight {champion} Chris Weidman talked about having his {belt} appraised and the worth of a easy, {pure} gold {belt} was $330,000. This is why we’ve mentioned, above, that the worth of the gold in the {belt} is usually much less than 50% of the whole worth of a extra flamboyant {belt}. UFC additionally sells replicas of initial golden belts. These replicas are simply golden-plated metals, {but} are good present for these that really like that kind of stuff. The worth of such replicas is someplace lurking $1,000 and they can simply be bought on-line from completely different retailers and on-line procuring web sites.

Take a look at our article about UFC belts.

25. Who Has the {Most} Consecutive Wins?

The file holder for {most} consecutive wins in the UFC is known Brazilian fighter Anderson Silva, who managed to pick up 16 straight wins from June 28, 2006 to July 6, 2013. Silva was primarily a middleweight fighter and he totalled 24 UFC fights in his successor career, with a complete file of 17-1-6. Apparently sufficient, when Silva stray his first UFC match on July 6, 2013 – after having had 16 wins earlier than that battle – he managed to win simply one UFC battle (in 2017) ngoc to now. The numbers for every division fluctuate, therefore we can ahead you to our article to examine these precise numbers!

Observe us for extra information on fight sports activities and see you subsequent date and time!

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