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Welcome to Squash HQ! We will try to be your guide for everything you need to know about the game of squash. Squash is an amazing, highly-competitive sport which is played between two individuals or two teams consisting of two players each. The goal of the game is to not let the ball bounce twice. Additionally, if a player hits the ball out or down, the opposing player or team wins a point. There are a couple of scoring rules: traditional and rally scoring, but casual players are free to adjust the rules to their own preferences.

Beginners looking to start playing squash can be disappointed in the beginning since not a lot of websites dig deeper into actually providing some high-quality information about squash gear and equipment. That is why we decided to create a website which will focus exclusively on squash equipment.

Researching best squash equipment on the Internet can be quite frustrating. Most stores don’t provide extensive information about a certain product and their descriptions tend to be commercial and pretty much useless. Professionals and experts alike should be able to find everything they need to know about their favorite sports equipment in one place because your equipment pretty much controls your style and your overall satisfaction.

We consider our website to be a paradise for squash players from all around the world. We hope you enjoy your stay here at our website and let’s hope that you will be able to find useful information about your favorite squash products!

Equipment Needed to Play Squash

Just like any other sport, squash has a list of accessories which you are obliged to purchase if you consider playing this sport like a professional. You really want to find the best equipment available, so let’s take a look at our list of items needed to play squash.


Squash racquet will be the first item on our list because it’s certainly the most important one. A racquet is the first thing that comes to our minds when someone mentions squash and that is no coincidence. Your choice of racquet will determine how you play, how you will perform and whether or not will your team be able to come out victorious. This is not an easy choice since there are a lot of aspects you need to watch out for before choosing the best racquet. Racquet’s weight is an important factor which will impact you the most. Using a too heavy or too light racquet will certainly affect your performance negatively. Additionally, balance, durability and string pattern are also some characteristics you should take a look at. Racquets can also wear out over time and you should know that one racquet won’t last a lifetime, especially if you consider becoming a pro!

Squash balls

Choosing the correct squash ball suitable for you playing style is crucial. Squash balls behave differently than any other equipment used in any sport. Squash balls bounce a lot more when they reach higher temperatures and that means you need to hit the ball a lot in order to achieve maximum bouncing. They are also differently colored and it’s not just for esthetics. Different colored balls bounce in different ways and their performance can depend on various conditions. Dots placed on opposite ends of a squash ball represent different characteristics and you should be well educated on how certain balls behave in different situations. It will be one of your first steps before you achieve squash greatness!


Shoes are definitely an underrated segment when it comes to a professional game of squash. Squash requires sudden and reflexive movements which will often turn the game around if performed successfully. Movements like this can get pretty hard on your legs if you are not wearing comfortable, suitable shoes. It’s all about the cushioning of knees and ankles. Your shoes must be able to support your entire body during your squash playing session or you can end up injured or unable to pursue your professional career. Picking up a good and expensive pair of shoes is a long-term investment, which means you need to conduct your decision wisely. Educate yourself on our website and get to know different shoe brands and models with pros and cons listed out. Your shoes should not be too heavy and they should be able to perform well on many different surfaces.


Squash may not sound like a dangerous sport but it can turn out to be fatal. Goggles should be worn at all times by all contestants because squash is played in close quarters and there is always a chance of you getting hit by the ball or by your opponent’s or even your teammate’s racquet. Safety goggles cover your eyes and face in order to prevent accidents like this from happening. Pros don’t usually wear goggles which shouldn’t be understood as an advice for beginners. Polycarbonate lenses are recommended by squash players and trainers and they the safest way of protecting your eyes. If you already have some eyesight problems and if you already need to wear glasses, try to order prescription squash goggles.


Sports bags are essential for any sport you might be interested in, and squash is no exception. Buying a bag for squash is a one-time investment so make sure you purchase a good and strong bag which can withstand the weight of your squash equipment. Bags come in many different forms, such as shoulder bags, travel bags, backpacks, etc. Choose the one suitable for your training schedule and your transportation method.


We hope our website will be able to assist you in your search for high-quality squash gear and accessories. We will tend to take care of details and provide some info you probably won’t find anywhere else. If you feel like we are missing something, of if there is some section you would like to see on our website, please send your concerns and we will do something accordingly. Good luck playing!